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  • rexisrael7


    does not integrate with woocommerce.

    The core team got rude, so I add more details on my response to them (you, user of plugins, can check on this thread)

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  • Plugin Contributor Alexander C.



    Sorry, but it is not meant to be integrated with WooCommerce. You might as well say “it does not optimize images” 🙂

    Plugin Author mra13


    This is an independent stand alone plugin that does the checkout by itself. Why does it need to work with WooCommerce? Also, where does this plugin’s description say that it works with WooCommerce?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @alexanderfoxc There’s nothing here that needs reporting in this review.

    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    @jdembowski , except that plugin does not even have a word “WooCommerce” (not in description, not in tags, not even in the source code itself), which implies it does not meant to integrate with it?

    I apologies if I sound improper or rude, this is not my intention to be neither of those. I have read explanations how negative comments are explained by I definitely understand if user had issues with the functionality we offer, got pissed because of some bugs and expressed his experience in a negative review. But I don’t quite understand how putting negative review on functionality we neither offer nor advertise (EVER) is proper?

    Does that means anyone can put a negative review with comments like “does not integrate with GitHub” or “does not make me a coffee”, keeping in mind we don’t advertise neither of the options in our plugin?

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Removed modlook tag again*

    Really, stop doing that.

    But I don’t quite understand how putting negative review on functionality we neither offer nor advertise (EVER) is proper?

    The reviewer stated that the plugin does not integrate with Woocommerce. You agreed and clarified. The End.

    Readers do click through the reviews and you answered well as you should have.

    This review is not an attack, it’s not name calling, it’s not abuse and it sure is not spam.

    The reviews here are feedback and that’s all. This is not LetterBay, Greek Online Bookstore or Kelp. A 1 star review doesn’t matter at all in comparison to a good reply from you which you did. I’m not going to remove a review that, while it is not terribly useful, is actually valid feedback.

    Plugin Contributor Alexander C.


    Thank you for your clarifications.

    I agree I’m becoming too sensitive in this regard, after numerous people put hundreds of hours of their personal time after their day jobs into this plugin, “removing” those hours from their family and kids (I bet you know what this means). And now they get “does not defragment my hdd” 🙂

    Once again, I apologies if I sounded improper, just got a bit emotional.



    I stand by my review, and add upon it, rudeness from the core team.

    1.- The plugin is named “Stripe Payments”, true it does not say that has a explicit integration with woocommerce,.. but it does say the broader and more general term, Stripe Payments,… which is like saying of a car dealership “every car you can buy” and then getting upset by a review “they don’t have tesla’s” which, again, may not be explicitly advertised, but then why aim at something higher and broader?

    2.- The description states: The Stripe Payments plugin allows you to accept credit card payments via Stripe payment gateway on your WordPress site easily.

    The native api and payment gateway from stripe integrates directly with woocomerce, they even list them as a partner, so, when you describe that your plugin can squeeze all the juice from stripe, but then again,… except for woocommerce (and maybe more exceptions) you are setting yourself for failure and/or misunderstandings

    3.- In the same description, it states:

    “Your customers will be redirected to the “Checkout Result” page after the credit card payment. This page shows them the details of the transaction (the item that they just paid for).”

    It is my understanding that the checkout result is a page that woocommerce generates, if this is factually incorrect or not precise, I guess that was my error, but I do know that woocommerce automatically creates those pages to handle payment events,… when you state things like that, people (like me) might think there is a chance of an integration,..

    I recommend putting on the description

    “Stripe Payments allows you to embeed a button onto any page,.. and that’s it,.. no integration with woocommerce, or (xyz if more plugins like that are not supported)”


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