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  • lighthope


    Installation is easy. Not many options. No options if you don’t pay for full version.

    But it doesn’t work.

    And they won’t help you unless you buy full version.

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  • Plugin Author digitalapps


    Hi @lighthope . I just sent you an email via your website, I hope it’s ok.

    Can you please let me know what exactly didn’t work for you?

    I tried the plugin on my site and didn’t notice any issues.

    You also mentioned about ‘not helping you’ unless you buy a full version. When did you try to contact us? I can’t seem to find your email with a request for help.

    I help people even if they didn’t buy the plugin.

    Please get back to me so I can fix the issue you have found. I would appreciate it.

    Plugin Author digitalapps


    @wordpress moderators

    reasons for this review to be removed:

    1. This shouldn’t be a review, this should be a support ticket. The user reports an issue, but doesn’t allow me an opportunity to fix the problem, there is no description of a problem.

    2. The user says there are no options unless you have a pro version, this is misleading, there are options to control the popup with a free version. You just can’t edit the text, thats the only limitation. Which I clearly mention in the description of the plugin.

    3. The user claims, I won’t help him unless he has a full version. I don’t have a single email or a single request for support from the user. And no reply from the user on here.

    4. I tried to reach out to the user via Facebook, 2 of his websites with different emails, the user is unresponsive.

    Please, moderators, delete this review as it serves no purpose.

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    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    1. This review reflects the user’s experience with your plugin.

    If your free plugin includes an upsell to the commercial version, comparisons are inevitable and accepted here.

    2. Your best option is to explain that here in a reply to the review, as others will see this review and judge it based on your response to it.

    3 and 4. That is unfortunate, but I’m sure others will see your reply to this review and judge that accordingly.

    Please, moderators, delete this review as it serves no purpose.

    We will not be deleting it, as it reflects their experience with your plugin.

    We recommend reading through and

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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