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  • Can’t build a profile because the Country drop-down isn’t populated and the profile can’t be saved because of that problem. Many of the other drop-downs don’t work either. Popup for eBay categories doesn’t get populated even though they get downloaded.

    Support does respond to emails but claim they can’t access my site let alone login. I can see my site on my iPhone, my Android device and my laptop running Windows 10. I can see my site with various browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on the laptop, and Safari on the iPhone), I can see it when using broadband and data allocation on my mobile phone, I have some visitors who have become members of the site so others have seen the site and I have no IP addresses black-banned by my security at the moment.

    It seems some have had success but I have no idea how they achieved it.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by tazw52.
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    I’m sorry to hear that WP-Lister didn’t work correctly on your site, but from what I can see in your conversation with our support staff, the problem seems to be about refreshing the eBay details which for some reason doesn’t work correctly on your site, which is why your country selector and many others were empty.

    Since this is definitely a site specific issue which we can’t simply reproduce on our end, we asked you for a login to investigate this directly on your site – and unfortunately the link in your reply had a typo, a character that didn’t belong there, which is why we only saw an error message.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to assign blame here and I don’t know what went wrong on John’d computer that he got the same error even after you sent the correct link, but for some reason John replied that the corrected link still gave him the same error (which I don’t believe should be technically possible) instead of double checking with someone else. That was definitely our fault.

    Now your next reply was about double, triple and quadruple checking it in other browsers and on other computers, which all worked on your end – but instead of giving us a chance to correct our mistake, you sent another reply just 21 minutes later where you said you had deleted the login and left the above 1 star review here.

    From what I can see, the reasonable next step at that point would have been to give us an actual chance to double check the link and login and actually investigate the problem – which isn’t possible in just 20 minutes.

    Even if the link still wouldn’t work for John, it does work for me and others – and whenever I see something break on a specific site which does work perfectly fine on others, I’m all about digging into this until it’s either fixed or at least narrowed down to a specific cause, like an incompatible plugin/theme or (rarely) a specific hosting provider.

    What I want to say is we really do spend a lot of time and energy investigating this kind of issues. WP-Lister is a resource intensive plugin and we often get reports of issues we can’t reproduce on our end. If the user doesn’t have a staging site already, we might offer to create one so one can safely disable all other plugins and/or work on a fix without disrupting a live site – a process which often takes many hours, sometimes spread over multiple days, but we do this even if the problem has only been reported by a single user.

    All I’m asking is a little more patience to double check things and maybe have another person look at something and we should be able to get it to work on your site as well. But with any server related issues, a proper examination does take time, so it’s better not to be in a hurry (which most sellers are, this time of the year).

    kind regards,

    You must be doing something very wrong! This plugin works perfectly for us. Been using it for many years! Support has also always been very helpful.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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