• Paid for the GOLD package. Followed the instructions step by step. None of the API keys work. It’s all bogus.

    Nothing worse than paying for something that doesn’t even install properly.

    Contacted premium support email and tried to call the premium support phone number. No replies or answers from anyone.

    Will be contacting my credit card company to refute the charge and file a complaint.

    Buyer BEWARE!

    UPDATE: 04/19/2017:

    The Pro’s:

    Established communication with the plugin author. Dave is a really good guy who is trying hard to make this plugin great. He honestly cares about it.

    The Con’s:

    The plugin is so popular that staff is simply overworked, which is typical of a popular start up that does not currently have much revenue.

    In my personal experience, I still have not been able to make the plugin work properly. Could be my theme, a conflicting plugin, or WordApp itself? Bottom line is I still do not have a working Mobile App, even after paying for the Gold Package.

    This plugin has tons of potential and I really want to give this plugin 5 stars, but I can’t do that if I’m not able to accomplish the goal that it is supposed to complete.

    I’ll update the review if things change.

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  • Plugin Author Dave Anthony



    Thanks for your recent message.

    I’m very sorry if your license didn’t work I have reset it and hope that it works correctly this time.

    I hope your consider changing your review.

    – Dave

    Hi Dave,

    When I pay for and install a product as directed and it doesn’t work, it gets a bad review. No different than returning a faulty item to the store.

    Anyway, I appreciate you resetting the password. However, even though the license key works, the App Builder interface still does not work properly. In fact it says I need to upgrade to premium when I already have.

    Would love to change my review, but can’t see that happening if the plugin does not work.


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