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    Hello.. Please forgive my stupidity… I have uploaded this plugin and besides activating it.. what do I do next PRAY?

    On your site you have this for instructions..

    “To use WP User Avatar in your theme, manually replace get_avatar() with get_wp_user_avatar() or leave get_avatar() as-is. get_wp_user_avatar() has functionality not available in get_avatar(). You can also use the shortcode [avatar] in your posts.”

    If you were not a programmer or an average person such as I would you understand these instructions! I doubt it very much.. you may as well write it in Indian language or Chinese.

    why is it that many of your Word press gurus think that many of these so call simple plug-ins are so self explanatory.. They are far from it.. For the average person this is very difficult to understand. Code terminology is not for everybody.. There are many visitors who have extreme difficulty following code terminology. I am one of them.
    I am a professional in the building trades field..who is trying to build a Word Press site

    I see that you have no reviews and one or 2 comments.. that should tell you something? as well as the other plug-in writers who have no reviews as well.

    I have uploaded about 6 different avatar plugins on this day and not one of them works…including this one, no one properly explains the dynamics and the mechanics on how these plug-ins should be installed in easy to follow terms.. You should learn this secret as I am sure it will help many who want to use your plug-ins if it was explained in simple easy to follow steps..

    As it stands now your plug-in is installed and I don’t see any settings
    I don’t see any avatar, I am literally lost with this and I will probably delete it if I don’t hear back from you.


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  • Hi Ralph,

    I first uploaded this plugin less than a week ago, so it is still very new. I am open to suggestions on how to improve it.

    If you don’t want to change any theme code, then it’s important for you to choose an existing theme that uses avatars. Not every theme does. When you’re looking at a preview of the theme, check if it looks like there is an author photo next to posts.

    After you’ve set up your site, chosen a theme, and activated the plugin (it appears that you’ve been able to complete these steps, but let me know if you want clarification), go to http://{insertyourdomain}/wp-admin/options-discussion.php and make sure the checkbox next to Show Avatars is checked. Click Save Changes.

    Then, go to edit your profile, which is typically at http://{insertyourdomain}/wp-admin/profile.php. At the bottom of the profile you’ll see an Edit WP User Avatar button. When you click that, it’ll pop up the Media uploader and you can upload your photo. Once it’s uploaded, click the image so that there’s a checkmark on it, then click Set WP User Avatar in the bottom right corner. After this, you’ll have to click Update Profile at the very bottom to save your changes.

    Immediately after this update, you should see in the upper right corner next to the “Howdy” message, a thumbnail of the image you set. This shows the image is working, but in order for it to show outside the admin area, you’ll need to have chosen a theme that shows avatars.

    Hi Ralph,

    I am marking this thread as resolved. If you have additional questions, feel free to post again.

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