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  • Been developing with WordPress since it was created.

    My developers and I spent about 30 min testing this plugin and it does not work.

    For those saying it works, I would say check your theme because you probably have a severe coding error.

    Best of luck to developer getting this to work in future releases.


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    BTW, our Error says that the widget is not in the amr shortcode widget area when it clearly is. This plugin definitely does not work, at least with latest release of WP.

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    UPDATE: this shortcode does not work, others seem to.

    [do_widget “widget name” ] does not work. Developer need to fix this and it appears this plugin will work.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Developer knows it does work (and has had a wp profile for 9 years vs your 2 years 😉 )

    for example: do_widget “Taxonomy Drill-down” on this page

    The 55 people who gave it 5 stars (vs the 4 who gave it a 1 star) know that it does work. If one finds oneself being in the minority posting a 1 star review, one really has to think why is that ?

    I also note that you have not posted a support question at all and have not said what widget you were attempting to use it with -perhaps there is something strange with that widget?

    Perhaps you simply had a typo in the widget name – or perhaps you are confused as to which plugin you are actually reviewing – i see this review of yours for a plugin with similar name

    Plugin Author anmari


    Apologies for the slightly snarky response to yours
    – I usually manage to restrain the inner daemon.

    What I meant to say is:
    When it said that your widget was not in the list and it prompted you to debug and offered a link to the instructions, did you click on either ? And if you clicked on the debug option it would have listed all the widgets in the shortcodes sidebar with their ids, was your widget then recognisably there ?
    The latest version even lists them as prepared shortcode text so all one has to do is copy and paste. How’s that for a free plugin with no paid addon options ?

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    First off, how long someone has had a wordpress account by no means is relevant to their expertise. Overall, I will run circles around anyone. I am an expert in seo, marketing, design, coding, consulting, and on and on. Furthermore, we work more one on one with developers and do not engage much in forums as it is very time consuming.

    Now that we have disposed of the “nicities”, this plugin does have issues. Your id shortcode does not work. And yes the first thing we did was follow the link to more instructions but the result was the same.

    We have tested well over 200 plugins and themes since WP’s inception, offering consulting to many developers. So after testing, which is performed on blank installs to eliminate plugin conflicts, the results are what they are. We certainly know what we are doing.

    Our intention was not to harm your reputation or plugin, just utilitizing what this review forum was designed for, reporting our experience with this plugin, which we feel is 100% accurate.

    Cheers and best of luck sir.

    Plugin Author anmari


    Yes dear, most of us good at many things, and not so good at others – Now lets get you upskilled at giving useful feedback. In my opinion that is the what the ‘sharing’ economy of free software is about -it takes a couple of minutes to specify a little more and thus contribute to a better product for all. Absolutely report your experience, some feedback is better than none – however please do put some verification behind your ‘does not work’ – It’s impossible to do anything with a blanket statement with no specifics.

    All I’m left with is that it needs to be more foolproof – which I might address when I feel inclined to donate more time to it. Right now it works for me and many others – aren’t you the least bit curious as to why not for you ?

    Most useful would be:

    1. the actual widget shortcode text you were trying to use (preferably with a link to the widget) and
    2. a screenshot of the ‘debug’ screen which list the widgets in the widgets for shortcode sidebar (and other sidebars) eg: screenshot like this one:,

    If for whatever reason you don’t want to reveal the details of the widget, perhaps just try with a normal wp widget – something simple.

    That way we’d both learn something.

    First, congratulations to anmari for her great answer to a misuse of the review system.

    Dear rockethead2, some people find polite to first place a support request before doing a bad review and risking to spread FUD.

    Maybe one day you will contribute with a plugin of yours and then you will better understand why.

    Keep up the good work anmari 🙂


    Hey Rocket, the only specific you give for your “Doesn´t Work” statement is that “Your id shortcode does not work”.

    That was our frustration especially because we want multiple instances of a widget, even on the same page. Could not find the id´s to make that work

    But guess what? The new update (3.1) has it right in the shortcode in the sidebar box on the Widget page. Just load up multiple instances of the same widget in the sidebar and you get a shortcode with a unique id for each one. Just copy and paste each one wherever you want.


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