• At first after several tries this didn’t work but eventually i discovered that on my site it only shows on gravity forms if i deactivate for comments. I am glad it works as this is a very useful plugin to have.

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  • Plugin Author ovann86


    The 400+ active installations of this plugin will beg to differ.

    I will note that you have left a negative (one star) review without first opening a support thread. And you have not provided any detail to help the work out if this is an issue with the plugin or an issue on your end.

    I would prefer you and anyone else that does not want to help themselves and others and fails to show the slightest courteously to the days of work that has gone into developing and testing this plugin FOR FREE to not use this plugin.

    Hear, hear. There’s nothing worse than entitled users just dumping one star reviews for no good reason other than his/her lack of basic IT or WordPress skills. Every free plugin should come with your disclaimer ovann86.

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