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  • “Purchase Transactions
    This requires a payment gateway that redirects to the thank you/order received page after payment. Orders paid with gateways which do not do this will not be tracked.”

    Are you INSANE? What is the point of analytics tracking for an ecommerce platform that doesn’t track PURCHASES?? So you’re telling me that you send enhanced ecommerce events for all the checkout stages but then you just don’t bother sending the final event??
    What is wrong with you people!?? I thought WooCommerce was a professional ecommerce platform??

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  • Ehhhm…. just use a payment gateway that redirects to the thank you/order received page after payment.

    With what payment gateway do you have issues?

    Why did you tag this review “contemptuous, hopeless, insane, useless, waste of space”? Although I do agree that this review is all of that.

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    Hey @adamford

    From your comment, it sounds like the functionality you are referring to is not a core feature of the WooCommerce plugin and therefore I’d ask you to change your review to reflect the functionality of the core plugin.

    Can you let us know where you saw this notice that you’ve quoted? I think this message is from the Google Analytics plugin, but which payment gateway are you referring to?

    For support, please post in the integration or plugin forums or reach out to support.


    ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!! You’ve designed an ecommerce platform that doesn’t send standard enhanced ecommerce events to Analytics. Why on God’s green earth should I have to have a thankyou page to track purchases? You should be passing this data as an event through to analytics directly.

    And how is doing that going to pass the transaction VALUE back to analytics if I’m just tracking a thankyou page???

    ANY support or feedback that actually suggested you understood how ecommerce works or what your clients’ imperatives are MIGHT get you a better than 1 star rating, but right now I’m looking at you as yet another ecommerce platform that locks its users into a substandard analytics setup, thereby constraining their entire potential future success.

    For anyone interested, is a good plugin to enable enhanced e-commerce Google Analytics for WooCommerce.

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    Hi @adamford,

    I looked at your profile and I see you opened a query on that plugin that @josk79 mentioned above –

    You didn’t reply to the plugin author. As a note, if your message here is referring to that plugin, we have no control over this. That plugin isn’t affiliated with the WooCommerce team at all.

    Without more details and context about what your set up is, we cannot provide the correct support.


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    as this topic has derailed once already, I’m now closing it for further input.

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