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  • I’m working on a client’s site with Woocommerce for the first time, and I’m absolutely astonished. I thought Woo was a professional ecommerce platform. But it doesn’t send enhanced ecommerce events to Analytics!??! I have the following plugins installed:
    WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration (installed today)
    Enhanced E-commerce for Woocommerce store

    I didn’t know about the first plugin when I installed the second – although I am receiving enhanced ecommerce events, I’m not getting any purchase information. Literally every other type of enhanced ecommerce events is being received except purchases. What the HELL? So I saw the WooCommerce proprietary plugin in backend and thought “OK, maybe I need this as well to send transaction data …” So I install it, and then I see the option in settings …

    “Purchase Transactions
    This requires a payment gateway that redirects to the thank you/order received page after payment. Orders paid with gateways which do not do this will not be tracked.”

    What on EARTH?!? What is the point of analytics tracking for an ecommerce platform that doesn’t track PURCHASES?? So you’re telling me that you send enhanced ecommerce events for all the checkout stages but then you just don’t bother sending the final event??
    I thought WooCommerce was a professional ecommerce platform?? Why doesn’t it do this natively?

    Why is WooCommerce – designed to be an easy first step to ecommerce for people who don’t know much about things like analytics tracking doing this out of the box. Literally WHY should anyone have to install a second plugin to enable functionality that you shouldn’t even be allowing anyone to set up a store without having? Absolutely hopeless!

    Really my question is – what is the actual process for having WooCommerce send all the correct enahnced ecommerce events to – which is the correct plugin – both or only one of the two? How do I start receiving flipping transaction data?? I can’t believe I even need to be asking this question …

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