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    It synced after correct API up to 337 User than it has stopped.
    By Mailchimp I see 478 users.
    477 from imported csv before and only one more via API.

    How to resync? I have 492 users by wp.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Last time I found 1 temp email provider and kicked them out. that was the case but not now.
    There are 8 new user they just will not be synced.
    I see no point by chimp mail like lists. I only know one list went somewhere to archive or which I nowhere can see.

    And it is not fair to want me to buy lincence when even not a free vesrion doesn’t work

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    If you can figure out which emails they are, then the WP Fusion logs should show an error message specific to those users.

    I believe also if someone has unsubscribed from marketing or marked any emails as spam, Mailchimp won’t let you add them over the API.

    Maybe try signing up for a free Sendinblue ( account to see if you can export them there? Sendinblue is less strict about email addresses.

    No nobody has unsubscribed or deleted account. There are only 8 new users since last sync.

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    I’m not sure, sorry.

    Try registering a new user with a valid address, via Users >> Add New in the admin. Something like

    You should see them added to Mailchimp.

    If there’s an error in the WP Fusion logs, then it’s possible Mailchimp has blocked your account’s API access, and you can contact their support to see what you can do to get it unlocked.

    I just gave it a try and exported 243 test users to my Mailchimp account and they all went through— so it’s either something with your users’ email addresses or your Mailchimp account.

    New contact found in logs after skipping almost 40 pages fromm 325.

    22nd June 2020 17:11 Info lea.h…. Adding contact to Mailchimp:
    first_name: Lea
    last_name: H….
    user_email: lea.h…
    22nd June 2020 17:11 Info lea.h… No contact found in Mailchimp for lea.h…

    And she is not by mailchimp listed

    I archived all contacts from mailchimp.
    Resetet your plugin,zero users by mailchimp.
    Resynced Ids and exported and still Zero mailchimp users.


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    I tried a email address and Mailchimp didn’t block it, at least on my account. But .ch addresses tend to have problems, so that could be part of it.

    Unfortunately it makes it harder now that you’ve archived your Maiclhimp contacts. I don’t think it will let you add them again.

    You’ll need to permanently delete them from Mailchimp and then run a Resync Contact IDs and Tags operation in WP Fusion to clear out the cached contact IDs, then you *might* be able to export them again.

    But because you’ve deleted them Mailchimp may block you from adding them again.

    You should probably try a different service provider if you want to export all 500 emails. Either Sendinblue or Mailerlite have a free plan and are more forgiving about email addresses.

    If you want to make it work with Mailchimp we can escalate this up to a proper support ticket and investigate the issue on your site, but for that you would need to buy a support license via

    I’m sure it’s something simple, but I can’t guess what it is without being able to log into your site and see your logs and the affected users, and we can’t provide that level of support without a license.

    permanently delete them from Mailchimp is not possible only to archive

    after reset your plugin it is only mailchimp to choose, no sendblue or other.

    I created a new API and started all again.

    Nothing, Zero contacts. Nowhere by mailchimp is the fuction of archive explained and to find.

    I give up

    Log shows

    22nd June 2020 18:10 Info Vmartin No contact found in Mailchimp for vi… unknown
    22nd June 2020 18:10 Info Viola No contact found in Mailchimp for vio… unknown
    22nd June 2020 18:10 Info VereNatur No contact found in Mailchimp for Ve… unknown
    22nd June 2020 18:10 Info Vedeesh3 No contact found in Mailchimp for Vedee…

    Why at all should this contacts will be found in mailchimp i the firstplace. The list is empty

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    You will have to try to un-archive them, then. If they’re already in Mailchimp, even archived, then we can’t add them again.

    You still need to clear out the cached contact IDs. To do that you need to run a Resync Contact IDs and Tags operation from Settings >> WP Fusion >> Advanced.

    At the moment WPF won’t export anyone because it thinks you already exported them.

    If you want to change to a different CRM reset the settings and try refreshing it once. Sometimes it doesn’t clear out all the way.

    Finally, running the export again won’t get those 8 users exported. If they weren’t exported the first time it’s because Mailchimp rejected them. That could be because

    a.) They have filed a spam complaint on another account in the past
    b.) They have been flagged as a spam sender
    c.) They have bounced on your or another account in the past
    d.) The formatting of the email address (capital letters, punctuation, etc) looks suspicious
    Or maybe a dozen other reasons.

    I assume you’re on a free Mailchimp account (?). Because of that they only let you add “high quality” emails over the API. If it looks suspicious in any way, Mailchimp will reject it. Deleting the contacts and exporting them again won’t help, unfortunately.

    Not even one point is possible as I didn’t send any newsletter.
    Why should only that last 8 new users at once be flagged one or bouced elsewhere have bad formatting or whatever more.
    The probability is alsmost Zero for this. They are just the new one that will be not synced. that is all.

    Nowhere ist to see how to unarchive contacts. About archive is Nada to see there.

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    I’m sure there’s a reason… There always is, but I can’t say without being able to check out on the site.

    Also note that someone could be blocked from being imported because they bounced or had a spam issue on *another* Mailchimp account. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sent any emails.

    Have you contacted Mailchimp support to make sure they haven’t put your account under review? Sometimes they do that if you import a lot of contacts, and you can’t add new records until the review is completed.

    It is not possible to write to mailchimpd without having a payed plan 🙁

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