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    Close Old Posts is a really useful plug-in. One thing that could make it even better is if it could also stop the “Please moderate” emails that continue to come in even though comments can’t be added to a post. Perhaps automated comments submitted after comments for an article have been closed could automatically be deleted.

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  • You must not have had it activated, because when it’s active things can’t be submitted to old posts, so you’d never get a please moderate email.

    I installed this plugin and changed it from 14 to 30 days, but am still getting comments on posts 3 months old. When I go to the post, it shows that comments are closed, with the new comment sitting there.

    You’ll still get some moderation requests even if this plugin is installed and activated. The reason is that spambots will go directly to the posting URL after verifying that the blog page exists and is a wordpress-type blog.

    WordPress could be fixed to prevent this (by having a cookie of some sort in the <form> and requiring this in the posting URL), but it doesn’t.

    In any case, this plugin still significantly reduces the amount of spam attempted.


    No…. If a post is closed for comments, then it is closed. WordPress will not accept comments on a closed post, period. No moderation, no storage of them at all. They are simply rejected, form or no form.

    Perhaps you don’t have pings disabled on these posts, so you’re getting trackbacks on them? These can look like they are comments, at first glance.



    This plugin does not modify the database and only has a hook for ‘the_posts’ which I do not see referenced in the wp-comments-post.php code. Which leads me to believe it only hides the comment form.

    IF the plugin closed the post for comments by modifying the database then it would not accept them. I will be modifying mine to do that as I’m also getting spam in.



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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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