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  • Plugin Author Matt Shaw


    This is a feature in the pro version. If you want to see more details, upgrade to that version.

    The fact that the free plugin has over 80,000 downloads and 35 5 star reviews should indicate that it is not “terrible and useless”.

    If you have any other complaints aside from the lack of a feature that is in the pro version, please open a support thread and I’d be happy to address them.

    This is an unfair 1-star review. I just used this after having technical difficulties with Velvet URLS and will buy Better Search Replace Pro just to support this author. Great tool.

    This plugin has been named the “Better” Search Replace, while the functionality is less than the old Search & Replace plugin by Frank Bültge.

    Maybe he named it Better because it is better than all the others? For me, $19 to support an author that saved me 30 minutes or more is well worth it (even though i don’t even need or use the Pro features). And maybe if ppl like you supported authors more often, your “old Search & Replace plugin by Frank” would still be actively maintained?

    Plugin Author Matt Shaw


    @mostlyjan Thanks for the support!


    This plugin has been named the "Better" Search Replace, while the functionality is less than the old Search & Replace plugin by Frank Bültge.

    That’s simply not true. Different functionality, sure.

    – Did that plugin have batch processing and multisite support?
    – Did that plugin have serialization support for arrays and objects on every table?
    – Was that plugin frequently updated?

    Again, the functionality you’re looking is available in the pro version. Leaving a 1 star review, and calling the plugin “terrible and useless”, isn’t going to make me change my mind and put it in the free version.

    If you had opened a support thread with a request to do so, along with solid reasoning, I would have been much more likely to have considered.

    OK, fair enough. I can certainly appreciate that you have added additional functionality and updates. I’m also think you are entitled to be compensated for your work with the pro version.

    Just a little irritated that a plugin I’ve used for years has disappeared and it’s replacement has been crippled to not include the feature I used the most, but you are right I have overreacted. I updated my review to a 3 star, one was certainly too harsh, but I’m still not thrilled.

    I’m not really trying to get you to change your mind, I still have the old plugin that I will continue to enable and use as I need it.

    Plugin Author Matt Shaw


    Thanks Robert, I appreciate that and can see where you’re coming from.

    Just in case you or anyone else reading this is curious- I have a ton of respect for Frank Bültge and all of his plugins. He’s an excellent developer.

    When I named this “Better Search Replace”, it wasn’t targeted directly at his plugin (though in hindsight, I can see how it could be perceived that way). Instead, it was targeted at the majority of search/replace solutions – “better” is of course subjective and this is simply my ideal version of a search/replace plugin/script.

    Anyway, I’ll keep your feedback in mind while I continue to iterate. Thanks again for reconsidering.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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