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  • I’ve been using Contact Form 7 on many web sites, but very often it just stop sending emails, and it is hard to debug and fix. The worst thing is that you don’t even know it’s not working and you lose clients. I decided to use another email form, because this one is not reliable.

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  • Hello @alex381,

    Most of the time the problems with mails are not caused by Contact Form 7, but by a misconfiguration of your server or incompatibility with some other plugin. I use this plugin myself in dozens of sites and I have never had problems. Some friends have had problems with servers where it was required to set up SMTP. The easiest way I know to do this is to use Easy WP SMTP.

    However, I recommend that you install Flamingo, to avoid losing message. This plugin allows you to save your messages in the database, in case you have problems with receiving emails. If you do, remember to configure it to Save submitted messages with Flamingo if you change the default form tag names for your-subject, your-name, and your-email.

    If you are a Telegram user, you could also install and configure Contact Form 7 + Telegram to receive the messages directly on your phone. I use it and it works great.

    I know your frustration, I’ve had it myself with other plugins, but many times it’s configuration problems. Give it a second chance and you will surely make your forms work great… and remember to re-rate the plugin if you succeed in solving your problem :D.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Yordan, thank you for response. Before I wrote review, I’ve tried everything I found in help and on other web sites. I know that problem is between SMTP server and this plugin. Server configuration is OK. Other plugin works without any configuration.

    CF7 plugin works for some time, and then stops without leting you know. That’s a big problem. I simply can’t trust it any more. Waiting for a new version that includes this fix.

    Yes! I have also lost lots of clients because of that, in the last three months it stopped working and I don’t really know when, I set up already STMP before, when I had problems with this plugin, but it was like a year ago or two. But now, you know it is not about anything else but the plugin, because it doesnt even let people push the send button, or you push it and it beggins thinking and never send the email, and sometimes, actually few times it works.

    Which plugin did you finally use, I am evaluating the optinos because I need to change NOW.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Hello @cpmariap,

    I’m a CF7 user and have it installed in 9 out of 10 sites. I think I know it well enough to try to help other users in these forums. But in all this time I have experience several issues that many times caused me headaches. Believe me, I understand your frustration. I’ve felt the same way at times when things don’t work out the way I expect.

    Sometimes it is a bug in the plugin, but other times it can be a bad configuration of the server or incompatibilities with other plugins or themes. Although it is hard to accept, many times we produce the problem ourselves. Consider this, do you think that more than 5 million users would be using this plugin if it really didn’t work?

    The most common problems with CF7 are related to email or reCAPTCHA, but most of the time this is not an issue produced by CF7, since this is not controlled by the plugin itself, but by the server, a third party service or by another plugin (for example, a cookie one) that must be properly configured to work.

    That’s why users are always asked to test by changing to the default theme and temporarily disabling the other plugins. This is the fastest way to determine where the problem is occurring. Have you done the pertinent tests to try to determine what is causing the issue?

    Best regards,

    Hi Yordan! Yes, I tried disabling all the plugins that I thought could affect…. I am doing it again, I really didnt put this posts to try to affect anybody, actually I have always been a CF7 lover, that is why I have tried so hard to solve the problem instead of just changing it. I already disabled the forms yesterday. I will do a last try by erasing the plugin and installing it again, and doing everything.

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    Hi all, thank you for comments. I think this plugin is good, but it’s too sensitive, as it’s dependant on themes, plugins, server configuration. My job is to be sure that contact form on my client’s web sites is working.

    Suggestion to author of CF7 is to improve code so it can work in the worst scenarios. The most important is to be able to report if anything goes wrong.

    Until that, you guys can try this plugin: Simple Basic Contact Form.



    my just stop sending me emails as well :/

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