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  • I tried this plugin a while ago and it didn’t work then. I’m trying to use it again and it still has the same problems.

    Previously I used it with WPMU, now I’m trying to use it with the multisite option in WP3. If I activate the plugin with the main site, it doesn’t apply to all of the other sites. If I do a network activation, then all of the other sites have the ability to edit the terms.

    Is it just me, or is there no way to make it so that users who signup are required to agree to the terms?

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  • works for me.

    Then again, i don’t use WPMNU :/

    just install plugin and activate.

    create a page, and assign it as the TOS page. You also need to fill the TOS and PP in the terms of use settings page as well.

    Should all work then 😡

    PS: i’m using the latest wordpress version.

    Like I said, I’m now using it with the multisite option (since WPMU is no more.) It doesn’t work in WP 3.1.3 with multisite enabled. Give it a try with multisite enabled and tell me you don’t have the same problem I encountered.

    Also not working for me. I’m trying it with multisite and WP 3.3.1

    Never mind. it works like a champ for me.
    I did a dumb mistake and installed it in mu-plugins since I’m working on a MU site.
    It should be installed in the standard location of normal plugins.

    Can you enable it site-wide, and have a single TOS that applies to all sites in the network instead of going site-by-site to configure the TOS?

    I tried it, on wp 3.3.1 and it works. I used it with frontpage functionality.

    I’m not sure it works properly.
    If you install it and enable it, every site (even subdomain sites) has the ability to modify the main site name and other details.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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