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  • Hi,

    I spent about 2h testing and playing around with the plugin, on a live site and on localhost, on a plugin loaded install, and on a fresh 3.8.1 install… but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe am I missing something?

    • I create a new user with the Editor role
    • Then under Settings › Menu Editor I make a simple change : set the edit_posts capability (which editors have) on the Appearance menu and its Menus submenu… now all editors should be able to manage menus, am I right?
    • But no Appearance menu appears when the editor is logged in

    Please advise! This plugin looks awesome but…


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  • Plugin Author Janis Elsts


    Sorry, that’s a limitation of how menu permissions work in the free version of the plugin. When you set the capability on a menu item, it adds that capability as an extra requirement for accessing the menu. However, the original required capability still stays in effect. (Technical note: in most cases, the original capability is hard-coded either in WordPress core or the plugin that created the menu item, and it can’t really be changed without editing the source code.)

    For example, normally you would need the switch_themes capability to see the Appearance menu. If you set the “Required capability” field to edit_posts, it means that only roles that have *both* the switch_themes and edit_posts capabilities will be able to access it. Basically, you can restrict menu permissions but not broaden them.

    (The Pro version solves this by automatically granting the required capability to the selected role(s).)

    Thanks for the clarification Janis. Maybe this should be mentioned somewhere in the plugin so people know what to expect from the free version while validating their changes. Thanks.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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