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  • From all similar plugins, backend and configuration possibilities of this one are the best! However plugin seems not to work at all for me 🙁

    To check it out, I tried to block all versions of certain browsers like: msi, opera, chrome, with no result.

    I would really prefer this plugin over others if it’s just did what it should :(.

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  • Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    Hello, if you provide a link to your site with the plugin enabled (but not necessarily set to reject current browsers) I’m happy to take a look and see if I can determine the issue. There’s probably a JavaScript error or conflict of some sort.

    This is the address to my site (written in a way it doesn’t look like link, currently the site is off to search engines and I don’t want robots to follow link from here at the moment, if links are not set no follow):

    www . stolarstwo-zywiec . pl (delete backspaces)

    The the moment your plugin is on, other similar ones are off. In custom blocked browsers I have ‘msi’ and checked all boxes to block all versions of IE. Other browsers are set to be blocked only for older versions. If you could check if can figure it out if it works from your side or not?

    Oh and by the way, is your plugin using cookies? If so, I need to know, cos in my country (and all other UE countries) we have a new law so I need to let people know if my site uses cookies.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    It looks like there’s a jQuery error, so no jQuery (including this plugin) is working at the moment, which I would imagine has cause some other issues. The specific errors that are holding it up are:

    GET http://www. stolarstwo-zywiec .pl/img/down.gif 404 (Not Found) jquery.js:2
    GET http://www. stolarstwo-zywiec .pl/img/right.gif 404 (Not Found) jquery.js:2

    I’m pretty sure that the theme or another plugin is looking for these nonexistent files with jquery. That shouldn’t throw errors and hold everything up, but it is for some reason. A quick solution would be to just create those files, at least temporarily/as blank gifs, to see if everything get moving again, then you could try to locate the script that’s looking for them later. There are a lot of javascript errors (seen with the inspector in Chrome), but I think this is the one that’s holding up jQuery/this plugin.

    Cookies are only used if the settings are set to remember if the visitor closed the rejection message, in which case a cookie named “jreject-close” is set to true for the session.

    Thanks for quick reply.

    I created img folder in root location and put there some empty right, down gifs. So far it didn’t help, IE accesses site without problems. Unless I didn’t understand you fully and put gifs in wrong location?

    What is the full name of this chrome plugin? There are many ‘inspectors’, maybe I’ll run check on my site as well? I am not a programmer but sometimes I may find some solutions ;P.

    The reason I need to use a wordpress plugin as yours is because IE doesn’t support menu script (ddsmoothmenu.js) from my layout. It looks all right in ALL BROWSERS BUT IE. Yes, the newest IE versions included, so IE still sucks – a big time.

    Finding a proper layout is too much work at the moment, so it’s easier to put a warning (not a great solution but for a moment it have to suffice). However the ideal situation would be full compatibility with all (at least newest) browsers but I guess we won’t live in ideal world and IE must, as usually, throw stems under our feet. Still too many people use it thou to ignore it.

    Plugin Author Nick Halsey


    To access the inspector, right click anywhere on a webpage and select “inspect element” (it’s built into chrome). At the bottom right corner there’s a red x icon, clicking it displays the errors.

    That did fix those two jQuery errors, but it still doesn’t seem to run. The goal is to resolve all of the errors that show up in the inspector console, then it should run. There are no errors coming from Browser Rejector’s componenets, so that usually means that one of the other errors is blocking it from running at all. I would try fixing the error in custom.js next, maybe try commenting lines 10-14…

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