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  • I thought this would be simple. Sure sounds simple.

    But after I saved your suggested text to my brand new “virtual robots.txt”, I clicked the link where it says “You can preview your robots.txt file here (opens a new window). If your robots.txt file doesn’t match what is shown below, you may have a physical file that is being displayed instead.”

    That new window shows text that is indeed different from the plugin’s. So I understand that to mean there’s a physical robots.txt file on my server.

    So which one is actually going to be used?

    Your FAQ offers this:
    Q: Will it conflict with any existing robots.txt file?
    A: If a physical robots.txt file exists on your site, WordPress won’t process any request for one, so there will be no conflict.

    If a physical file exists, WP won’t process ANY request for one?

    This SOUNDS like WP will ignore BOTH the physical file AND your virtual one. In which case, what’s the point? Might as well not have one, it seems to me.

    When I manually go to, I see what’s in the physical file, not what the plugin saved.

    So… is it working? I don’t know!

    Should I delete the physical file and assume the virtual one will work? I don’t know!

    Should I delete this plugin and edit the physical file manually? Most likely.

    2 stars instead of 1 because I appreciate getting the suggested lines to include in my file.

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