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  • Plugin Contributor Max Bond


    There is high possibility that your theme is not compatible

    Thread Starter jefflabonte


    Um, yeah. I know. Considering I use Divi with Divi Builder, and that’s a pretty widely used theme (and Elegant is a popular theme family), the incompatibility was surprising. I can’t think of ever having plugin incompatibility with Elegant Themes before. But there are dozens of other slicky widget plugins that do work, so I am not losing sleep over this one not working, for sure.

    Plugin Contributor Max Bond


    You know, I am spending a lot of time debugging user problems (look at support forum). And I can say with full responsibility that 95% of problems are not on my side. Javascript errors, cache problems, css problems, bad widget coding – there are a lot of them.

    Using a popular theme? Man, it’s not a garantee at all!

    I really pissed by your respond!! Because you didn’t have time to think about your site problems, but you did have time to write a shitty respond!

    Thread Starter jefflabonte


    Well, Ok. Guess I’m glad we won’t be doing business. Doesn’t seem we’d get along very well. Glad the plugin works for others. Best of luck.

    Jefflabonte gave a really really poorly thought out review.

    jefflabonte the way you complain. I am sorry dude, but its not right. You just use free stuff. Stuff that has been made by others who really spend i lot of their time in to it. And the way you act, is really ass. Its free and instead of saying Thanks Max Bond for your effort. You try to shit. But this is telling more about your cheap “loves free” personality.

    Any way, i dont use this plugin, but want to say. Thanks Max Bond…there are a bunch of 5 starts. Thanks for helping other people with free stuff.

    BTW i did now installed it and use it. It works great “Cheap loves free man”

    I just installed and tested this plugin on a theme I developed. It works beautifully !
    I was trying to avoid using a WordPress plugin for this functionality, but all the javascript plugins that I tested were not doing their job – for one reason or another.
    It’s actually quite tricky to accomplish what this plugin is doing and NOT disturb the sidebar layout.
    In other words, finding a functional plugin like this is a huge time saver for me, as a developer.
    Also, as a developer, I understand what amount of work it takes to build a properly functioning code.

    The attitude of jefflabonte was so appalling, that I was compelled to chip in here.

    Quoting jefflabonte : “Well, Ok. Guess I’m glad we won’t be doing business.”

    What business ???
    The developer of this plugin is giving it to you for FREE !!!
    You’d be paying a pretty penny if someone developed this for you, you dumbass.

    And to use Divi as an ‘exemplary’ theme – what ignorance.
    Divi is a bloated, heavily marketed, commercial enterprise, that tries to do everything for everyone, and even succeeds sometimes.
    In the process, Divi uses WordPress coding standards only as a general reference, and if the marketing priorities dictate otherwise, then the marketing wins.

    Mr. jefflabonte, you need to apologize to this plugin’s developer !!!

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