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  • I am running into the same issue. Once I updated to Gravity forms to version 1.8.3 (the latest version), this plugin stopped working. If anyone has a solution they can share, that would be greatly appreciated!


    I am working on an updated version of the plugin, so it can work with the most recent version of Gravity Forms.


    I am working with WP 3.8.1 and GF 1.8.4 and other than the fix mentioned above to get the checkbox to stay on, I’ve only noticed one issue…

    When I leave a required field blank, it wipes out all the other entries I’ve made on that page so far. Normally, GF still has those filled in. It’s a major problem so I’m looking for a fix to it now.



    I have made a new plugin for data persistency based on existing plugins.

    Next week I shall release it somewhere.


    Nice trick, saving the data if validation failed.

    add_action("gform_validation", "validate_and_save_gf_data");
    function validate_and_save_gf_data($validation_result) {
    	if ($validation_result['isValid'])
    		return $validation_result;
    	$form = $validation_result["form"];
    	if ($form['isPersistent']) {
    		if (is_user_logged_in()) {
    			$option_key = getFormOptionKeyForGF($form);
    			update_option($option_key, json_encode($_POST));
    	return $validation_result;

    I used a different approach, where I added a ‘Save’ button and am restoring the data only if page was saved.

    // Restore saved form values
    add_filter( 'gform_pre_render', 'pre_populate_the_form' );
    function pre_populate_the_form( $form ) {
        if ( $form['isPersistent'] ) {
            $option_key = getFormOptionKeyForGF( $form );
            if ( get_option( $option_key ) ) {
    			$post = json_decode( get_option( $option_key ), true );
    			if ( '1' == $post['is_save_' . $form['id']] ) {
    				$_POST = $post;
    				GFFormDisplay::$submission[$form['id']]["page_number"] = $_POST['gform_target_page_number_' . $form['id'] ];
        return $form;

    But then mine is a new plugin, not something to be simply added to functions.php 🙂

    Hi Gabriel

    Will your new plugin have the same functionality or will it be extended at all? Any news on the release date for the new plugin? I’m working on a project that could *really* use it… any chance of a beta copy??


    Hi N,

    It has a new ‘Save’ button.

    Please contact me via and I will reply with a copy of it.


    Just checking in on the progress of the new plugin. Any news on when it will be released?

    Hi ktand,

    No release schedule for the moment, as I am busy with contract work.

    I will post here once it is released.


    Hi Gabriel,

    Your ‘save’ button plugin seems to be working really well.

    I noticed that there is a similar plugin on github, it’s got a little bug where it submits the form when the save button is clicked; however, in the backend (admin panel) you can see what users have started a form but not completed it – really handy – perhaps you could fork or contribute to it to create the fix and/or expand, as your save for later button works!

    Hi davedavedave.h,

    Thanks for the feedback on the ‘save’ button.

    I am afraid you forgot to mention the URL for the github plugin 🙂


    Looking forward to a release!


    so you’re right.

    I financially sponsored the plugin creator, Gennady Kovshenin to complete the plugin and iron out the bugs, so it does now work.

    He adds the ability to clear incomplete entires from the backend

    GitHub link –

    Incredible! Going to try this out now!

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