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  • I set it up according to instructions, but no syncing is happening.

    Connection to spaces seems fine, tests check out.

    I used below for regex:


    I am keeping files at the server. I added wp-content/uploads to FULL-url path to files.

    Local path has local linux full path to uploads

    No storage prefix.

    It doesnt upload any file to spaces if i manually upload a new file. It does not sync existing files either.

    I noticed that it replaces the image urls, but they come up broken and the url gives an access denied error at spaces if requested – naturally since file is not uploaded there.


    Additionally i would like to ask if this plugin can sync js css files and replace their urls?

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  • Wow! I also noticed that the plugin changes the attachment urls in the db as opposed to replacing the urls on the fly during page load? So once you install and activate this, your media urls are changed irreversibly and you have to update your db if you uninstall it?

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