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    When I tested the plugin, I imported some products, add one in the shopping cart and checked out, it redirected me to Amazon checkout page. Worked like expected, great.

    After I’ve imported many more products, until I got questions from potential customers with the question how to buy the product!?

    I tested the plugin again, and guess what? It didn’t redirect me to the Amazon checkout anymore, but the local checkout product! That’s not good, because I want dropshipping. I sent an email for help or assistance, but I didn’t hear anything until now.

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    No response for the guys there. I also added two support tickets, and no response.

    I figured it out myself.
    If you work with the plugin in dropshipping mode (no idea how it works in affiliate mode), the work flow works as follows:
    1. Import the products from Amazon. And it works fine, including the browser extension.
    2. I’m not sure if the plugin is indeed updating prices and inventory. I didn’t see any changes. The manual update per product group seems to work, though.
    3. After the customer wants to buy a product, he or she pays to your bank account. You need somehow calculate the shipping costs.
    4. In your order page (of wooCommerce) there is a button left from the order line with the text: “Place order to Amazon”.

    So this seem to work.

    But the silence from https://amadercode.com/ makes me feel uneasy.
    Their lab-website is suspended.

    So, I’m afraid that this is not working well for the company (if it is a company) and those who bought the plugin and depend on it in their shops.

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    Well, and checking out there website, it seems the people are from Bangladesh. They claim to have an office in Bangladesh and Romford, UK.

    The blog in their website doesn’t exist, except for the menu and a picture of their logo.

    Really, it’s a pity for such great product.

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