• I already had enabled markdown via Jetpack and was using that for editing posts. I thought I’d try this plugin for its side-by-side live preview feature. Turns out, this plugin took that nice markdown I had previously and converted everything to HTML format. That’s certainly not what a markdown editor plugin should do! It defeats the whole purpose of using markdown in the first place.

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  • That’s funny because I came here to complain about the opposite.

    While writing a post with this plugin installed works perfectly it does not seem to update the original contents.

    Another plugin (Yoast SEO) fails their ‘readability analysis’ because the original post is markdown.

    But that’s no reason to only give one star! Who is to decide how a markdown plugin should or should not work? There are good arguments for both options. Leaving content in markdown format in db slows down serving pages for instance.

    So maybe there should be a settings page with toggle option somewhere.

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