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  • Keeps causing errors to occur in Google’s Search Console (webmaster tools). Doesn’t include all the information such as Author, update date, entry title. So I figured okay maybe something broke in an update, and I was going to just uninstall and go about my way to another plug-in. However, even if you go into settings and select delete all data, it all still remains even after clearing the cache. Stay away until they fix!!!!

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  • Plugin Author kcseopro


    Hey thanks for the headsup, on the new WP version, looks like there is an issue on deleting all old data.

    But on the errors, I am curios about that. We can’t really reproduce that anywhere, and did you test on here too?

    Yeah your link is how I found out about the errors. Come to find out it wasn’t your app causing the errors it was a theme error with the Hentry, which has been fixed.

    However, the only way I could find to delete the entries from your app was through the database.

    Plugin Author kcseopro


    OK, yes the I can’t see how our plugin causes any schema errors as we are testing all the time and use on 200+ of our own sites.

    BUT…yes, you did find that delete issue, we did reproduce that. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

    Sorry you had to manually delete. We will have this fixed by tomorrow (too little too late I know).

    Well I went ahead and removed the bottom half of the review and changed the rating. Honestly, I should never of found out about the bug. I freaked out when I went from no errors to almost a hundred overnight.

    I did manually delete everything, but I’m glad I backed it up because I have restored all your apps’s data back on the site. Thanks..

    Plugin Author kcseopro


    We will check the delete data option more diligently going forward.

    Also, if you’d like a free version of the pro version, let me know. It has a nice auto-fill button that pre-fills many of the fields.

    Anything that makes my life easier I’m interested in, and I think that will be awesome to have. Thank you.

    Any idea when or if you’ll address the other concerns mentioned? Specifically adding author, update date, entry title

    Plugin Author kcseopro


    Hi MikeLee390, as cleancuts7 says above, it was not our plugin causing this error:

    “Come to find out it wasn’t your app causing the errors it was a theme error with the Hentry, which has been fixed. ”

    The new version now cleanly deletes all our plugin data from latest version of WP (as of this writing).


    I have downloaded a free plugin and spent so much time on customising it for every page (which is actually great for some on page SEO tweeks).

    Could you please let me know how I can purchase the Pro version (can do PayPal transfer if it is still not publicly available) – I do not want to change the provider as I cant imaging doing the same wok again.

    Thank you!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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