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  • Resolved megumiso


    hello. first time posting here.

    my problem:
    WP2Static doesn’t generate(or not showing) mobile UI, Causing pictures are not showing on iOS devices.

    WP2Static generated link: (Japanese Website.)
    ^ You can’t see thumbnails/pictures on iOS.

    pure WordPress link:
    ^ You can see thumbnails/pictures on iOS. also page is loaded on mobile UI if you’re on mobile.

    I need to get either:
    1. show everything correctly (even mobile page). or
    2. I give up showing mobile page but at least I can see thumbnails and pictures on iOS devices.

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  • Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    Hi @megumiso,

    It’s likely due to some missing assets/incorrect URL rewriting.

    I have a new release coming up, which fixes a lot of common issues, you may try it here:

    Download link:

    Please deactivate the current plugin (named WP2Static) and activate this one (named Static HTML Output – name is changing on next release time).



    Thread Starter megumiso


    Hi Leon!

    Thanks for quick response! but unfortunately, my php version is 7.2 which doesn’t meet your minimum requirements.

    I’ll install php7.3 on my new server and test your plugin which might take some time.

    I’ll let you know when I have these installed.

    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    @megumiso – cool.

    It’s a bit of a trade-off, ie when WordPress is just on a non-public dev server/local machine, to export statically and deploy somewhere else, it’s less of a concern to have out of date software. Bumping PHP versions helps with development though, as each new PHP version is getting better for controlling code quality (along with noticeable performance increase).

    PHP 8 is due for this November, I believe.

    If you’re upgrading servers, PHP 7.4 is recommended today, with PHP 7.3 as a minimum for the plugin.

    There is a talk from one of PHP co-authors who now works at Strattic (another WP -> Static option) from latest WordCamp Europe just gone by, discussing PHP versions and impact on WordPress.

    Off-topic, but you may also try this in the meantime:

    I’ve just made a fix to it. It allows to run that command from most terminals (will need wget installed on macOS, else should just work on Linux, UNIX/BSD will need to run from bash shell). It’s a very different project, but kinda fun 😀

    Thread Starter megumiso


    so it turns out that this problem occurs even on pure WordPress link now.

    since this is not WP2Static problem anymore, I’ll go ahead and report it to Apple.

    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    @megumiso ok, I’ll close this issue off.

    Is there a chance these images are using WebP format? Those unfortunately aren’t supported on iOS last time I tried

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