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  • Two stars instead of one for apparent stability and basic not-broken-upness.

    However, I am basically downvoting this because the plugin fails to do THE thing most naturally expected of it: it cannot find and display history information that is normally present in WordPress, i.e. post revisions. It is thus only capable of displaying information about events that happened while it was active. So if you install this plugin because you want to quickly locate several recent posts to which you made incorrect edits, then no joy.

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  • nicmare


    then why just 2 stars when you are expecting something else than the plugin can do?! not fair dude

    I’ll have to agree with nicmare. You can’t play back a tune unless you recorded it before. Don’t blame anyone else for your own fault.


    The name of the plugin indicates its purpose: to be an easy to use tool, which will meet the needs of most people.

    If the plugin has promised to log everything and something else (with a cost of lack of its simplicity and impact in system performance), you could complain as you did. But this is not the case and, consequently, I have to agree with the other members’ opinion that your review was really unfair.

    Perhaps your comprehension of what would be the most important events (as stated in the home page) is a bit different from most people’s comprehension, and it probably influenced your disappointment with the plugin.

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