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  • When first installed, this plugin appears to work wonderfully. However….

    We have price breaks based on how many of an item a Customer orders. 25, 50, 100…. But the plugin looks at how many of that rule has been ordered. That means you need to create a separate rule for every variation of every product. Otherwise, a Customer orders 2 items at $75 each, and 100 of the same item, variation much smaller, at 50 cents each. Net result is that the Customer gets a 40% discount on the total of both items.

    Not a usable scenario for us.

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  • Hi,

    Currently our plugin treats all the variation as an individual product, we’ll implement a new feature where all the variations under a product will be treated as a single product under the parent product ID.

    That would be an improvement, but I don’t think it will solve the issue. What stops the user from simply putting 100 items in the cart at 10 cents each, which would then give them the discount for quantity 2 of a totally different item that sells for $500 each?


    not sure about your actual requirement, from the explanation I couldn’t get the issue, do you mean you want to offer the discount to all the products in cart instead?

    With the basic version of the plugin since there is no cart rule option, you can add all the products on sale to a separate category, and use the category rule with percentage discount, if the total number of items reach a certain amount give a percentage discount.

    The rule I’m trying to implement says a discount is applied, only to that line item, if 25 or more of that line item are purchased. New line item = new discount, only if that line item has 25 or more as well.


    You mean the rule is set to have discount only if the quantity is 25, and if a single variation is 25 items you get discount but if there are different variations of the same product totaling 25 items you’re not getting discount?

    This is related to the variations getting treated as an individual product, the issue can be fixed by the suggested category rule, use the check for option as total no of units.

    No. I don’t understand why this is a difficult topic. I offer a discount if you buy 25 of an item which costs $50. So 25 x $50 would be $1,250. But the 10% discount means you pay only 1250-125 = 1,125 for those items. Effectively, the Customer gets about 2.5 items free with the discount.

    This plugin is giving a Customer a 10% discount when they purchase a total of 25 items of several variations. So the Customer buys 1 item which costs $50, and 24 more which cost 50ยข. Total purchase without the discount would be $62. But this plugin gives the Customer $6.20 discount, meaning 12 of the 25 items purchased are free.


    If you don’t want the discount to be applied to the 50$ item on purchase of the 50cents items you’ll have to set separate rules for different products, but if the variations with lower price is under the same product as the 50$ item, the product rule should treat the variations as individual product and only if the 50$ or 50cents items are 25 each the discount should apply.

    So, as I said in the beginning, this is exactly the weakness of the plug-in. We have a very small shop, about 80 products. Each one has 2-15 variations. So with about 700 variations in total, that’s a lot of rules to create, just to offer a 10% discount on quantity purchases of any single item.


    Please share a screenshot of the rule you’ve set up, and also the product which has 50$ ad 50c in the variations so that I can have a look

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