• I’ve been using G-forms as my storefront tool, with payment linked to a PayPal Pro account. It was a bit of a struggle to get these two things connected (not that intuitive on the G-Form end of things) but that part works. What G-Forms does NOT do, however, is push any product data to PayPal. So, on the PayPal side of things, I see that something was purchased by someone on a certain date, but I have no idea WHAT it is!

    I’ve invested seven months in trying to resolve the issue. I’ve hired two different high-end coders who can’t find a fix. PayPal is set to receive this information, and the folks at Gravity Forms say that it should be moving over – but it isn’t. This, to me, seems like a bug worth G-Form investing some real time in solving, but that hasn’t happened. It has cost me a great deal of time and money. Now I need to find a new payment solution.

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