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    Okay, so I’m trying to do a nested toggle using Arconix Shortcodes.

    [toggle title=”Essential Guide to the Electric Universe”]

    [toggle title=”Preface”]Text[/toggle]
    [toggle title=”Introduction”]Text[/toggle]


    Clearly nested [shortcodes] don’t work right in WP.

    I’ve installed your plugin, but things are still rendering wrong. Do I need to put in any kind of a shortcode to the page, or do I simply enable the plugin and everything should work?? ‘Cause so far it doesn’t.

    I’m on WP 3.5.1, Outerbridge nested Shortcodes 1.0, Arconix Shortcodes 1.1.2, if that helps at all. Theme is Mosaic 1.6, but live preview of 2011 & 2012 themes don’t do anything different/better, so I don’t think it’s a theme issue…

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, if anything, or if the plugin just doesn’t work as advertised, or something broke between creations and WP 3.5.1?

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    Hi there

    WordPress won’t allow you to nest shortcodes with the same name. Please see the codex for more information.

    Yes, I realize that… They need to fix the core regexp codebase to accommodate nesting same-named shortcodes. I have a thread over on the suggestions / feedback forum relating to it.

    Sorry, I guess I’d assumed that was what this plugin was designed to address through some kind of workaround. Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of this plugin? If so, my apologies…

    If not, can’t Wikipedia already nest shortcodes w/o a plugin?

    For instance with Arconix Shortcodes:


    [accordion title=”Accordion 1″]

    [toggle title=”Title 1″]Text 1[/toggle]


    [accordion title=”Accordion 2″]

    [toggle title=”Title 2″]Text 2[/toggle]



    Seems to function fine.

    Or was the general nesting of [shortcodes] (apparently w/o same-name nesting support) an new addition of its own in recent versions?

    Perhaps the reason why this plugin doesn’t list as having been updated to 3.5.1 compatibility (unnecessary after native support in some version 3.x.x)? Dunno.

    Anyway, sorry if I misread the intended purpose… My bad. 🙁


    Plugin Author Outerbridge


    Hi MG

    Our plugin just ensures that the standard WP functionality is enabled – it doesn’t enhance it.

    By the way, in your accordion example above, “accordion” and “accordions” are different shortcodes so you’re not actually nesting the same shortcodes.


    I’m aware that different shortcodes nest & same shortcodes currently have a problem nesting.

    Yes, that was kind of the point I was trying to illustrate. WP currently seems to handle “different” tag nesting fine w/o a separate plugin? 😉

    And actually the main point was that you could nest a toggle (one type of shortcode) inside an accordion (totally different kind) and both would work.

    But, true, as you say, the Accordion “tag” is actually two set of slightly different tags, one to define the entire structure and one to define specific collapsible/expandable contents.

    Anyway, sounds like this plugin doesn’t quite do what I was hoping for. Didn’t read quite closely enough. Sounded good on the face of it. Just the wrong nuance…. C’est la vie! Will continue advocating for them to fix the core codebase so we don’t have to keep looking for kludges to “work around” the deficiency WRT same-name nesting.


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