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  • This translates your content within the Admin panel, but it forcefully translates your text in the Admin panel, meaning you have no way of seeing the original text you wrote. There is an option to translate it back, then make edits, then run the translation again, but that will eat up your Deepl API costs and add extra time to your project. This can make adding new text to an existing page or making edits extremely difficult.

    This does not give you any type of help when organizing your site or pages for translation. You will still need a separate plugin for that or WP Multi site and get help setting that up with a language switcher, etc. This can be an advantage if you want to control that yourself and all you need is a translator.

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  • Plugin Author malaiac


    I agree : this plugin is not intended to replace a multi lingual management system like WPML, Polylang or TranslatePress. It just does the translation.

    As for adding new text, it would be difficult to detect new edits inside an existing translated content.

    However, please note that the same text translated multiple times does not consume API credits : there is a cache on translated strings, so any string already translated will use the cache (provided it’s the exact same string) instead of calling the API

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    Thanks malaiac, I would suggest making that a bit more clear in the initial description. I was hoping that when it makes the translation it would create a copy of the page or something instead of just replacing the text. Good to hear about the caching.

    Plugin Author malaiac


    With the premium extension you can create copies of the original post. I might consider adding this feature in the free plugin.

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