Support » Plugin: Revision Manager TMC » Doesn’t allow license transfer from staging to live url

  • I had originally enjoyed using the pro plugin during the development of a new website for a client. However, something I found quite ridiculous was that the license I had purchased for the Pro version was tied to a URL, rather than a website. This was an issue for me and my client, since development was originally done on a staging URL until it was ready, which then it was to be transferred over to the live URL. However, once it was transferred to the proper live URL, the license no longer worked, even after removing the license from the old staging URL. The license refused to detach from the original staging URL. So what, I’m suppose to pay ANOTHER $39 just to have it on the live URL as well? How am I suppose to explain that to the client? Or I am suppose to shell that out of my own pocket? If they say that I’m paying a pro license for the URL (staging and live, separately) rather than the actual website that uses it, then this practice sounds highly predatory, especially considering this would not be the norm for any other plugin out there.

    So I contacted TheMasterCut, but they keep giving me the beat around the bush – they gave me instructions to provide the license, which I promptly did, and they did nothing in return. I figured, maybe they missed my email, so I remind them of the issue, and still, nothing. Meanwhile, the live website does not have the ability to create revisions, which is problematic to the core functionality of the website, which relies on editors and revisers to work in tandem using this plugin. I’m having a mess of a time dealing with the client while TheMasterCut refuses to return my emails on fixing the licensing issue.

    The plugin was great while it lasted, but the authors of the plugin are unreliable, and that is a major issue when it comes to real-world projects. I recommend others find a different method of creating revisions, or developing your own plugin for this functionality, which is what I should have done all along, rather than relying on unresponsive authors.

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