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  • I’m using ver. 2.7. Everytime I need a break on a page or on a post, I enter
    then save. If I come back and do any editing, wp erases the br tag and I have to enter them in all over again.
    Is there any way to stop this from happening?

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  • More accuratley, when I switch between the visual editor from the html editor it erases them. Can that be prevented?

    No. You should use one of the other – switching editors will bork your post every time. If you are going to be adding code manually, you should disable the visual editor and use ONLY the code editor.

    Why does WordPress require a br tag for entering a line spacing in the visual editor? It is my biggest problem with this program. I don’t have that requirement in Blogger’s visual editor, for instance. I tend to need to upload Word documents for my posting purposes and they look fine when they sit there in visual. However, If I post them directly there are no breaks where they are needed. Then I am required to switch to the html editor and enter the breaks manually. I have large documents and this can be very very time-consuming. I don’t want to switch back and forth between editors….but this design problem requires for me to do so.

    Is there any fix for this?

    Yeah – as the sticky at the beginning of the forum makes QUITE clear … do NOT paste from Word or other word processors into WP. Very simple. They insert extraneous characters that will screw up your page every time. I don’t understand why people want to argue about this point.

    And when using the visual editor, you do NOT have to insert a line break code – the carriage return does it for you. Extra code will be removed from the visual editor.

    Excuse me, but there are only two stickies at the top of this specific forum at the moment and neither one of them mentions anything about pasting from word processors into WordPress. One sticky on image uploading, and one on secret keys.

    Stating a problem is not arguing. It is necessary when seeking a solution.

    The visual uploader has keys specific for uploading from Word documents so it is not too great of a leap in logic to expect it to be an allowed function. I thank you for letting me know that I can’t use Word for this program. This is a problem for me, because my 3 organizations’ documents are primarily Word documents…..I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own writing requirements but retyping everyone else’s work is not what I have in mind.

    Inserting a line break tag is required whenever you use the document up loader or even when you cut and past from notepad. All line breaks look like they are there in the “add new post” but when you publish they disappear. This happens even when you manually go through the cut and pasted document and use the carriage return to insert them (whether or not you use the document up loader…..cutting and pasting from notebook does the same thing). So unless you type everything directly into the visual editor, you do have to go into the html editor to add the br tags.


    Copy and pasting from any app to a text-based editor (which is what WP uses) can be problematic and introduces unwanted codes that the app uses to format its document.

    I suggest you save a copy of your Word doc to a text file first (Save As… save as type: text only -or- text only with line breaks), then copy-n-paste that text file to WP.

    Another solution is to post a summary/abstract/excerpt only and link to the original Word document.

    Hope that helps

    To use Word make sure you cut and paste into the word editor on the toolbar. However, don’t use word, it sucks. Use blogjet or something if you must.
    Switching between editors shouldn’t be an issue. In any event, I take it there is no fix for this?

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    If you really want to use Word, use a more recent version of it. Newer versions of Word can post *directly* to your blog, using either XMLRPC or the ATOM Publishing Protocol. Both of these methods are built into newer versions of Word, and they work perfectly with WordPress.

    Thank you for the help. I had a situation that pulled me completely away from this work and this issue.

    I was pasting into the word editor, so that is not the problem. I will try some of these solutions, but none of them look like a direct fix to me. I am curious about the blogjet, but was hoping not to spend any more money at the moment.

    I will keep fiddling with this! There has to be an easier way to enter documents that have been emailed to me. Thank you again.


    Windows Live Writer might be a good alternative for you. It’s free and pretty feature rich.

    You could install TinyMCE Advanced. it has got a feature to keep br tags.

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