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  • I used to use wp-fail2ban by directly placing wp-fail2ban.php into wp-content/mu-plugins/ so that it could not be deactivated and was always active for all sites I manage.

    Seeing that your plugin has a couple of subfolders and files this might not be as easy…

    Any tips? I read this page: and this tip but its not quite clear to me how to do this:

    WordPress only looks for PHP files right inside the mu-plugins directory, and (unlike for normal plugins) not for files in subdirectories. You may want to create a proxy PHP loader file inside the mu-plugins directory:

    <?php // mu-plugins/load.php
    require WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR.'/my-plugin/my-plugin.php';

    Would this work like this in the case of your plugin?

    <?php // mu-plugins/load-wp-fail2ban-redux.php
    require WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR.'/wp-fail2ban-redux/wp-fail2ban-redux.php';
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  • Plugin Author Brandon Allen


    Currently, the plugin will not work, easily, in as a Must-use plugin. However, I think this is a great idea.

    Rather than jump through hoops to do this, I’m going to bring official support to the plugin.

    Thanks, great to hear. I have subscribed to the linked github issues so I guess I’ll be notified once its implemented.
    Its up to you if you want to mark this topic as resolved or wait until you’ve submitted the code to the latest version of the plugin.

    Plugin Author Brandon Allen


    I actually fixed/closed that ticket, and already released a new version with support for use as a must-use plugin. Download version 0.5.0, and you’ll add wp-fail2ban-redux.php and the directory named wp-fail2ban-redux (with the classes directory in it) to your mu-plugins folder. From there it should work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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