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  • My MySQL server is using wayyyy too much resources with WordPress 1.5 – It’s gotten to a point where my shared webhost have banned me and my new dedicated server is having trouble. MySQL is running at like 90% CPU utilization.

    Moveable Type has the capability of creating static pages and rebuilding those pages anytime a change is made. I guess this could really help my MySQL troubles.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!
    (I’ll never leave WP, I hate using MT)

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  • … Wow.. and that’s basically all I say. I mean, do you have that much data or that many visitors that the machine would be so over-loaded..? Anyway, there is a great plugin called EzStatic that lets you incorporate static pages into WordPress.

    Heh, Appearently it’s a lot. I’m a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 1GB RAM, and the only thing I run is my blog.

    I just cut back my number of posts on the main page to 1 day, instead of that last 7 days. That seemed ot help.

    Thanks for that plug-in suggestion!!

    Hmm.. They may possibly have not tuned MySQL correctly, as many hosting companies do not, since they think they don’t need to. But just out of interest, can I see your blog?

    It just went down again. ๐Ÿ™

    Got any tips for tuning MySQL?

    Not on hand, but you may want to Google it up. I’ve read about it in a book before. I should of took notes, but I didn’t. Also, I know on my server, there are other mysqlld files. One of which is called mysqlld-opt. So for your .ini file you’d want to put Server=c:/path/mysqld-opt.exe.

    Do you have some plugins installed that grow your database ridiciously, some statictics plugin perhaps or custom made queries to show different content based on the site section you are on?

    Otherwise, Iยดd just suggest you change your host to one that better meets your obviously large needs. But that is probably something you already know. ๐Ÿ™‚

    pschwar: make sure you’re running WP2 and that /wp-content/cache/ is writable. That’ll cut queries in more than 1/2.

    -P-, one blog can use all of the systems resources. It really depends on it’s enviroment.

    Yes Direkt, I just edited my post ๐Ÿ˜€

    So here’s what I’ve done, I installed this WP-Cache plugin. I’ve deactivated some other plug-ins that I’ve heard people complain about, like the “Latest comments” plugin.

    Now it’s up but running really sluggish. (like bigtime sluggish).

    Thanks to you all for so much interest in my problem!!

    Do you think upgrading to WP2 will help any?

    WP2 has built-in caching. I sure thing it wouldn’t hurt.

    Awesome, I’ll have to upgrade to WP2. I hope I don’t have to re-create my themes again….

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