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    I am working on a BuddyPress-powered site right now and I need to both hide certain pages (forums, member list, etc) from non-logged-in users AND allow admins to manually approve new registrations. I have been scouring the internet for days looking for a plugin or combination of plugins to do this and have been coming up empty. I found WP-Members this morning and thought it was perfect–just what I needed without too many bells and whistles. HOWEVER, it does not seem to be working on the site, so I’m wondering if it’s simply incompatible with BuddyPress? It allows a new user to register without any approval process and allows a non-logged-in user to see all pages, so it seems like WP-Members is simply not operating at all. Any other suggestions for a solution are also welcome (will take this to the main support forum if necessary). Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    It does work with BuddyPress, but it takes some work to fully integrate, and there are some aspects that may or may not make it appropriate for your situation. It does have limitations in that regard.

    With regards to the registration approval process – this only works if WP-Members is managing the registration. BuddyPress has its own front end registration process (unlike WP alone), so you may need to make some changes to accommodate that. (Also, registration approval is not turned on by default.)

    As for seeing all pages – there is likely something to be lost in translation here – it kind of depends on what you mean by “see” and “pages”. The plugin’s default installation does not have page blocking turned on by default. So it’s first important to differentiate between posts and pages. If we are talking about a “page” in the WordPress definition of a page, then first thing is make sure that setting is set in the plugin’s options.

    Next – if by “see” you mean the content of the page is not blocked and you have turned on the plugin setting for blocking pages, then you’ve got something wrong. However, if you mean “hey, this page is still showing in the navigation,” then it’s more a matter of understanding how the plugin works, what it does, and what it is capable of doing. The plugin on its own does not remove pages (or posts) from being seen in navigation elements (like menus). That’s not to say those can’t be hidden, which could be done at the theme level.

    I hope that gives you some insight.

    I’ve got the same issues and would encourage you to write up some detailed instructions for BP integration. (I’ll be making a donation when the site is up and running anyway but would happily pay for BP instructions, or for a full-fledged dedicated BP version. This is a real opportunity for a plugin dev bc there just aren’t many options out there.) I’ve got post and pages blocked by default but can still see them and their contents fully when logged out. As for registration, I’m happy with WP-Members or BP handling that as long as it’s restricted, but again I can’t seem to get this to work, even using your manual….


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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