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    Dear WP Developers,

    I am in a doubt whether WP Hide by NSP code has any bug, malware or snoopy code hidden. There is a reason behind it. Please reply;


    At the end of the video “time: 16.02”: It is shown that Hide my WP By NSP Code plugin is doing something else other than the intended purpose also.

    If you look at the .htaccess file, remove the WP-hide code & re-paste it, you will see the magic. Please watch the video from time 14.00 to 16.40. Only 2 min 40 Sec video.

    Thanks to all.

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    sorry for getting this topic posted twice.

    Plugin Author Maya


    Sorry but you misunderstand what the author of the video says in the mentioned paragraph, here’s the exact text you make reference: the plugin is doing something else besides just what i copied in HT access file here..

    The video author just tried to de-activate the plugin, then copy it back into the .htaccess file, the rewrites line the plugin previously created. Obviously, this is not enough as there are 2 main components in the plugin core:
    1) The rewrites in the .htaccess file, which tells the server on how to access the updated URLs
    2) The Url Replacements, which is in the plugin code. That updates all old/default URL to the customized ones.
    So when disabling the plugin, even if the rewrites are still in place there is no Replacements engine active.
    So this is what he meant when said about the plugin doing something else than just copy the rewrite lines.

    Hope this explains.

    There is no hack or malware anywhere, the plugin source is free to check at if you own basic PHP knowledge, definitely, you can see for yourself.


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    Thanks to all those who contributed in making this plugin. Thank you for such beautiful detailed explanation. Hope this discussion will help others too. Hence i am not deleting/editing this discussion. Now i will use this plugin everywhere.

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