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  • It sounds kind of strange, but does the site,, use the WordPress software to power the webpage structure? I mean, are they using their own software for the whole thing, a portion of it, or not at all?
    It is an incredibly well organized site, it has very fast response and load time, and it has a lot of different pages and categories (not “pages” and “categories” in the WordPress sense per se, but using their ordinary meanings). I really admire the designer, and I want to know if it is too hard to make a CMS site like it, using only WordPress.

    I have a site that is not really supposed to be a blog, and I am trying to make it look like a regular website. I know that WordPress is being hailed by many to be one of the best open-source CMS packages around, and even better than most payed CMS packages. I am sure there are many sites that use WordPress for non-Blog-exclusive purposes, but is the only one I am very familiar with.

    Given the verbose treatise above :-), I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me if is done through the WordPress software, and if so, how a similar (if smaller scale) website could be set up.

    Much appreciated!
    Mind Blender 3D

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  • Pretty sure it is a customized version of bbPress and other pieces. But it is not WordPress.

    @michaelh: What is bbPress? I’ve heard a lot of other people talking about it, but I’ve never actually been able to see what it actually is.

    I am sure I won’t need anything like the epic scale of the structure, but I would like to figure out how to do excellent sub-page navigation. I have looked into drop-down navigation bars. I don’t want to do one of those. Have you been to the Apple Website? They are one of the other sites I really admire. They have the super-navigation bar at the top, and then subset navigation bars on pages that are nested deeper. Any way to do this with WordPress or a WordPress derivative?
    Maybe there could be something that checks if there are any children categories, and then displays them in a designated spot. This would be similar to the way that the master navigation bar works in a normal WP theme, except by utilizing the children categories instead of the top-most pages in the hierarchy. WARNING: I am not a PHP expert, though I do know just enough to get me into trouble.

    So, if this is in any way workable, I would love to see some ideas!

    Thanks. is where bbpress resides. Can’t say I know of a theme like the Apple Site, but the might have something you like.

    Navigation in WordPress is typically Pages but sometimes Categories. There’s an initiative underway that will allow easier creation of navigation that merges the two (and more). See

    Thanks MichaelH for the help!

    Actually, I wasn’t quite talking about a theme that looked like the Apple site (though that would be pretty cool), but rather a set up that worked like their site structure. You know what I mean? With the kinds of category/subcategory listings, etc. that I mentioned?
    Thanks for the link to the Trac ticket! I can’t wait for that to be implemented, it will be so useful!

    But in the meantime, do you think it would be possible to use PHP to call children categories and somehow arrange them into a subordinate navigation bar? To give you an idea of my current theme structure, I am using a personally modded version of Postconsumernapkin 1.0, distributed by WordPress Themes. My site is at, if anyone wants to have a look at what I’ve got there in the way of my current theme…

    Anyhow, I am grateful for any input on the subject.

    PHP to call children categories
    The template tag, wp_list_categories(), or Function_Reference/get_categories could both do that.

    Wow, thanks for the info. Can’t say as to when I’ll be able to use it effectively, but I’m sure that it might help people who land on this topic.

    I’ll definitely have to do some more research on these template tags to customize my theme.

    How do I mark this thread as “resolved”? My question has been answered satisfactorily for what I need to know right now, but I can’t find the drop-down menu…

    Threads in Miscellaneous thread can’t be marked resolved.

    Oh. Why not? If a question is Miscellaneous, does than mean it can’t be answered?
    I’m sure there is a reason, and I am curious to know the rationale behind that policy.

    That’s just the way it’s setup–can’t give reasoning. No harm intended 😉

    I can move this to the “How to…” forum and mark it resolved if you wish.

    Thank you Michael H for your offer.

    I’m thinking that it won’t be necessary for my sake, I was just thinking it would be good for other people seeing this thread to know that it was resolved.

    Thanks again for all the help!

    God bless,
    Mind Blender 3D

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