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  • I started using tracking links in some of my posts and before going live, I reset the stats. The posts got delayed a couple of days and I noticed that the tracking links showed clicks.

    Now it’s possible that some visitor found these pages but I recreated the scenario with some garbage posts. And the same thing happened again.

    I know if I update the posts, I’ll see an automatic click for each link. Is there a periodic WP check that visits links in posts? If so, is there a way to disable it?

    P.S. I have Jetpack installed and that may be triggering these checks. I don’t have any other 404-type plugin that’ll search for any links.

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  • Most likely is just that your site is being visited by search engines and spiders…automated bots that check site content and also it’s security…

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    I guess WordPress being so SEO-friendly, I’m sure the pages are getting added to the sitemap and distributed to all the search engines. Sigh.


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