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    I have Wordfence installed on
    I have created a subdomain with its own installation of WordPress. (ie.
    Q: Do I need to install Wordfence on the subdomain installation too, or is having it installed at the domain level sufficient to protect all of its subdomains?

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  • Hi @metrosuperstar

    If this sub-domain is pointed to a directory within your main site directory like this:

    And you have “Scan files outside your WordPress installation” option enabled, then Wordfence scan will include files of your sub-domain, however I suggest that every WordPress installation should have its own Wordfence installation so you can control other plugin options specifically for each site, like (Brute Force protection, email alerts, scan options, etc..).


    Thanks wfalaa! I will definitely go with your suggestion of having it on every WP installation, whether it’s domain or subdomain.

    One more question: I am receiving emails about “problem being found on my website”. However, it is just an alert to tell me that a plugin is no longer up to date. I don’t mind that it scans for this.. BUT…I don’t want to receive an email every time a plugin like Yoast gets an update! Is there a way to specify in the email notifications that I don’t want to receive an email if it’s just a plugin that needs to be updated? (I have set my plugins to be updated automatically so getting this email notification from each of my website is cluttering my inbox).

    Hi @metrosuperstar

    Sorry for my late reply. Currently, you have two options to do that, either by disabling the scan option that initiates this type of scans, which is “Out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions“, or by disabling “Alert on warnings” in “Email Alert Preferences”. Unfortunately, there is no other option to selectively opting out the alert for “Out of date” plugins notifications only for now.


    I was locked out of my subdomain by wordfence, I have Wordfence on the main site. Is there a setting I need to change? Or that is different on a subdomain?

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