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  • Does what it suggests except when there are accordions on the page. When opening accordions the whole length of a site becomes longer and nicescrollr doesn’t consider that. The site stops scrolling at the initial length, not the complete length.

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  • Plugin Author Demis Patti


    Hi there.

    This should be resolved with the current version 0.5.5.
    Please update to the latest version to benefit from the new feature.



    Hi Demis,

    first of all – thanks for all the efforts that you put into that plugin. Very much appreciated.
    Unfortunately the update didn’t solve completely the issue with different document height. Regarding Accordions it does now … congrats.
    But Accordions are not the only way where the height of a website expands.
    You can see yourself at – select “All” above the gallery and a bunch of images will unfold. The scroller doesn’t take the new overall height into consideration and one cannot scroll anymore until the end of the page.
    I’ll leave the nicescrollr activated until you have seen it. Please send a note, when you have seen it and I can deactivate until a further update.

    best regards

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    And another remark : The plugin has a ton of settings. Most of them are self explaining, but some settings are not. (Not everyone is an expert on scrollbars…)
    So a short documentation on the special stuff would be quite helpful.

    And need to revise what I wrote above about functioning with accordions. Just saw, that it doesn’t work when screen heights are lower like on tablets.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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