• this plugin does what it says simple. glad i found it. one thing would make this plugin so so so much better. The possibility to add a list of email domains for auto approval. For instance i want everyone from a particular company to register and bypass the plugin. That would be golden. If possible i would be happy to hack the plugin and incoperate if you like. But as it is your plugin i would prefer you did it.

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    In order to prevent someone from registering and being auto-approved by merely entering an allow-listed email address, it would need to include an email verification step beforehand to make sure they have access to the address they entered. It’s not as easy as just auto-approving them, I’m afraid.

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    well i already thought of that. right now when a user registers, they enter a email and then receive a email with there user name and a password generated by the site. So in essence the verification step is already incorperated. At the moment when they receive that email with there password and username, i have added a message to say that they need to wait for the admin to approve or disapprove. If i was able to white list some domains then they would bypass the need for the admin to approve the account. I guess i would have to think about messaging. they would also need to still get the message saying that they have been approved.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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