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  • This works just fine but for me it has one major issue. (I see this in a lot of themes as well.)

    In order to set the sidebar for the page you have to go to appearance > astra options > sidebars. Then filter through four sets of options to get the sidebar where you want. For most people this is not intuitive. It’s time consuming and confusing.

    Ideally, you should just go to the page you want to edit and select the sidebar you want on the page.

    Like I said, I see a lot of themes use this non-linear way of setting things up. Problem is, you end up having to go five different places to change the settings and design of your page.

    Astra already has a settings area on the page where you can choose the location of the sidebar (left, right, none). It would make sense to then have some check boxes below this to choose which sidebar you want to display on the page, instead of having to do it at appearance > astra options > sidebars.

    I guess some people like having control over all their sidebars in one place. But it makes it very difficult and time consuming when you are trying to design a page.

    You can tell this was designed by a developer. A design surely would have made it easier. (nothing personal to developers… 🙂

    I would give this a two-star rating because of the illogical way it is implemented. I just don’t subscribe to this way of thinking. But since this is my personal preference and I realize some like having multiple control panels to design one page, then I guess I will give it another star.

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    Hello @aksteve,

    Thank you for the ratings!

    I understand your point of view and it is valid if you wish to add a sidebar to a particular page. However, I’d like to explain why we did this.

    First, there are many display rules that we offer. It is not possible to add all of these display rules settings in the editor view.

    What if a user wants to display the sidebar on all single posts of a particular post type? It will not be feasible to go in the editor of every single post and select the sidebar from there.

    Also, there are lots of options for the display rules and it will be difficult to handle them in a Meta box.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your point of view. We’ll certainly take a closer look into it and see how this can be handled.

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    Thanks for the reply. So, what about both? A master control like you currently have, and the option to override the default sidebar in individual page settings?

    Put checkboxes below your existing sidebar page settings where a user can select left, right or no sidebar (as you currently have) and an override setting where a user can checkbox the sidebar they want.

    Maybe that is not as easy as it sounds to program. But it would certainly help when creating multiple sales pages that all need a custom sidebar.

    Thanks again.

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    Sure @aksteve! 🙂

    You’re welcome!

    And, as I mentioned, we will certainly take this up and see how feasible it is.

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