• This is the second plug-in I tried to handle my needs. I have a product that comes in 7 varieties. I needed to give a volume discount counting all of the items without regard to variety with different price points for 3-5, 6 or 7 items purchased. This plug-in somewhat handled this case, which is all I needed. While it couldn’t handle the varieties as a single discount, I was able to put all of them in their own category and I could make a rule for the whole category.

    Too bad the date expiration feature is an pro feature only, it would have been nice to have available for this small case. In case you are curious, I tried WooCommerce Bulk Discount first, but that miscalculated the discount for this case and I couldn’t find an easy fix, so it was easier to switch than fight. While I wish more of the features were included in the basic product, at least this does solve real world problems in the basic form.

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  • Hi,

    It is a plugin limitation for the basic version. But, the issue with the variation will be solved in the next release.


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