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    I’m VERY frustrated with Vaultpress. I had to try my first restore over the weekend and after 3 attempts I’m still trying. Preparation of files was fine, but when it tried to restore, NOTHING. My 3rd attempt I left it running overnight, got up this morning only to see it still sitting at 0%!!!!!!

    And no messages, updates or notification of any kind indicating any progress, issues, etc.

    How do I know if it’s even working??? How long does it take to actually do a restore? I’m trying to restore from a few days ago, during a period where only a few small things (1 post, a few comments etc.) changed on the blog.

    Sent several messages to Vaultpress, but they are not available over the weekend, which is bad because that’s probably a common time for restores.

    Honestly, has anyone had this kind of experience with Vaultpress?

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    While VaultPress is owned by the folks who ‘own’ WordPress, it’s not a plugin supported here.

    Have you contacted anyone at

    You should be able to use


    Yes, I’ve contacted them through their contact form. Sent several message actually. I’ve received a “We’ll get back to you shortly” email many hours ago and nothing else since.

    I find the lack of response unacceptable and that’s why I posted here. Hopefully so someone would notice. VaultPress doesn’t have any kind of public forum like this and I really need help as it’s been over 24 hours since I’ve tried to restore and my latest attempt — started at 11:00 ET last night is still sitting at 0%!!!!!

    Does anyone other than me actually use Vaultpress. Am I the only one with problems? I doubt it, but I seem to have no other recourse, given the lack of response from the Vaultpress team.

    I’m quite UNIMPRESSED by this whole experience. And while $15 per month isn’t a huge amount of money, I have to question what I’m paying for if when I need it, it doesn’t actually work!!!!

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    I wish I could help you more than to say ‘You have a problem with a third-party company, you have to take it up with them.’

    I know a lot of people who have no issues with VaultPress. I don’t use them, but only because I roll my own integrated backups (I need to backup more than just WP). To grab someone at random:

    It does work, I don’t know why it’s not for you 🙁

    Hello, @saeed. Safekeeper Bryan confirms that he’s been in contact with you and that he was able to resolve your restore problem yesterday. If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to us at


    What do you guys mean it’s not supported here? I’ve been operating under the impression that the plugins available on were ‘legit’, is that not the case? Can anyone load anything into the plugin directory here? OMG i’ve been dl’ing and using plugins from here w/ confidence thinking they were vetted in some way!!!

    VaultPress is a commercial plugin – Commercial products are not supported on these forums –

    Plugins included in the repository on this site DO have to meet certain standards –

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