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  • Does updating a WordPress post make it re-appear in the site’s RSS feed?

    I’ve already written a post, and I’d like to update it (clearly indicated as an update, for etiquette).

    But only if it doesn’t make it ping up again in everyone’s RSS feed, thus annoying all my readers.


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  • If the post is not showing in the RSS feed now and you don’t change the Publish date, then it will not show up in the RSS feed again since the RSS feed is only going to show the most recent X number of posts based on the publish date.


    The blog I created has an RSS feed to Kindle subscribers. The subscribers see the 10 most recent posts, one after the other, in the main page of the page. (When a new post is added, the oldest post drops off the bottom of the list.)

    If I update a post, the subscribers will see the revised version after I post the next article.

    right! either changing the post date of the post in question, or posting a new post causes your feed to be regenerate. Which would then show any updates to however many items you include in your feed

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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