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    Hi there,

    First of this plugin looks really nice, thanks for making it available! However I was testing it out yesterday on a fresh WP 5.4 installation and while I was able to create grids, I am unable to add any paddings/margins and so on.

    So my question is, is this supposed to work with WP 5.4 already? In the browser console I am seeing quite some js warnings, such as:

    Warning: Invalid DOM property fill-rule. Did you mean fillRule?
    Warning: Invalid DOM property class. Did you mean className?
    Warning: Each child in a list should have a unique “key” prop.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Hi @raphisto,

    yes, the plugin works with WordPress 5.4. Regarding margins and paddings, they’re not displayed when editing from the backend, but they are applied on frontend upon saving the page.

    Regarding the issues you’ve reported, they’re just warnings: nonetheless, we’ll take a look at those and perhaps include a fix in the next update.

    Thanks to you for trying out Grids!

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    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your quick response and good to know that the plugin works with version 5.4. But I am unable to insert values in the margin and padding boxes in the back-end, for instance if I try to enter “10” the field just stays empty, I can make the field active with my cursor but I cannot input a value.

    Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Hey @raphisto,

    I took some time to review your issue and I couldn’t replicate the problem, under WordPress 5.4, with either the Gutenberg plugin on or off, and running the latest version of Grids (we suggest that you update the plugin, if you haven’t done it already).

    The error and warnings may be cause by some other plugin that you have installed that’s generating some error, which then prevents Grids from running properly.

    Also, what browser are you using?

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    Turns out that I had the SCRIPT_DEBUG variable on in my config, as soon as I switched it off the JS errors disappeared and the margins / padding started working.

    So it’s working now! thanks for investing the time in helping me out.

    In case you are still wondering this is the setup I am using:
    – Multisite (WP 5.4)
    – Only Grids installed as a plugin updated to the latest version (1.2.22)
    – Using both Firefox and Chrome

    Plugin Contributor Andrea Gandino


    Thanks to you for providing us some feedback, @raphisto!

    We’ll try Grids out with the SCRIPT_DEBUG constant turned on, and see if we can reproduce the issue, so that, should you ever turn it back on for whatever reason, things will keep working as intended.

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