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    wsl will attempt to reconize users based on their emails (this only when users authenticate through Facebook, Google, Yahaoo or Foursquare as these provides verified emails). if not, a new account will be created.

    on another completely unrelated note, this plugin is not designed nor intended to be bbPress or BuddyPress compatible.

    Thank you for this.

    When you say:

    “on another completely unrelated note, this plugin is not designed nor intended to be bbPress or BuddyPress compatible. “

    does it just mean you have not tested it out yet and you have no idea how it will interact with Buddypress installs?

    Do you have plans in the future to make it BP compatible?

    Thank you.

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    and i have no plan for that at the moment but if i get enough requests i might consider making wsl fully compatible w/ bp.

    ok, make this a request for it! 😉

    would be a great addition to buddypress., 4680+ members and counting. using a modified version of WPFB Autoconnect to import all the profile data but would love to add the LinkedIN capabilities.


    There is literally no option whatsoever out there, and hasn’t been for years, a Facebook/Twitter/Google social login that’s BuddyPress compatible. Here’s what’s out there:

    BuddyPress compatible
    LoginRadius – External service. Customizing registration page requires $49/mo. option.
    WP-FB-AutoConnect – Facebook only. Creates duplicate users?
    BuddyPress Facebook Connect+ – Facebook only. $30 (3-months) to $99 (year) to update plugin.
    OneAll Social Login – External service. Not very customizable. Free up to 2500 users.

    Not designed to be BuddyPress compatible
    WordPress Social Login – Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. customizable login.
    SocialAuth-WordPress – Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. customizable login.
    AddThis Social Sign In – Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. customizable login.

    so i have not encountered any problems with wsl with bp and if there is its pretty much manageable via the settings. but it would be epic if wsl will be officially be compatible with bp.

    thanks @faospark,

    it would be awesome if you can map fields from xprofile to fields from the different social networks.

    Hi guys, I have been working in a site with buddypress and the Nextend Social Connect plugins ( and they works fine the first time, the user is registered and logged-in, and the website shows the user correctly logged-in (also in the backend the user appear as registered fine), but if I refresh the home page or load any other page, the user is logged out without any reason.
    Any ideas?

    In other sites I have been used this settings (buddypress and nextend social connect plugins) and they works fine.
    Somebody know what plugin can cause conflict with the user sessions duration?

    Hi @miled! here you have another request for BP compatible! 😉

    +1000 @ latinosamorir -> “It would be awesome if you can map fields from xprofile to fields from the different social networks.”


    As the OP, Miled, you definitely have my vote, given this lack of option to compete with Ning, which has 90,000 communities. See LinkinPark’s register page on Ning with custom fields alongside the social sign-in: – this is what is all but prohibitive to set up competitively using BuddyPress without having to hire someone to do a custom plugin.

    That’s 90,000 potential users 🙂

    Another vote for buddypress support

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    I guess I’ll give it a try.

    If anyone is interested in helping me test this (when it become available), please email me at hybridauth@gmail

    Just to mention, @tux Kapono, this is not about potential users or any of that s.. In fact numbers are really irrelevant.
    One reason is because it was rightly pointed out and the whole project aims to provide the community with an entirely open source and independently operating alternative.

    It’ll free people to do a lot of good things, no question. Ning’s proprietary system limits creativity. For our own purpose, we know it’ll get more people to participate in their own physical communities if it was easier for them to login 🙂 Kudos for helping the open source community be more effective.


    I’m also interested in buddypress compatibility. Can’t find an open source solution anywhere.

    Twitter login doesn’t create an account when buddypress is active and email bouncer is turned on.

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    @ivnus, its already done deal. and also, in the current state and when it come to bp, wsl is barely able to display the widget where it should be and to auth users. so there is no point reporting issue related to that..

    and btw, I’m still waiting for the coffe 😛

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