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  • Running 1.0.2
    First I had to comment out code to get it to install.
    Now, when I try to login I get a “404 Page Not Found” after login…
    Any ideas?

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  • URI?
    Local or Server Installation?

    Platform – WinXP
    Local Install
    http://localhost/wp/wp-login.php is the URL in the address bar when I get the 404 error.

    Cena: wp-login is in the root folder afaik 🙂
    Anon: is ur index page working?

    index works, login does not.
    I have installed the system in the WP folder

    Are you using a Windows Server or Apache Server? A friend of mine was trying to install 1.02 on Windows 2000 Server with no luck and a similar issue. He went to the MOOSE nightly and it installed without a hitch.

    what’s the url in the address bar when you’re on the index page, just for curiosity’s sake?

    yey to the moose nightly 🙂

    forget it, this thing is quite obivously not ready for prime time…
    5 minute instal… not likely

    atleast 10 blogs
    all < 5 minutes…
    maybe i am just plain lucky… or i have some commonsense… 🙂

    yeah, that’s it…
    my lack of common sense is causing 404 errors when I click the “login” button…
    wonderful support forums, not a single suggestion on what the problem might be…
    just questions and smart comments…
    I thought that a “product” in beta would at least install correctly and allow logins…
    maybe this product should still be in pre-alpha…

    You’re not exactly providing necessary information (which has been requested numerous times) in order to give you any sort of useful answer. I’m sure you know 404 errors are commonly generated when a page isn’t found. That leads me to believe there’s something wrong in the setup and/or paths. Does your siteurl (found in the options backend) read: (No trailing slash?)
    What versions of mysql/php are you using? What server are you using? What’s the actual address showing in your browser? These have been asked (and are relevant to) properly addressing your question.

    He installed it on local… he’s desktop. ON winxp on that. Could be a million and one errors.

    Are you running the nightly now, or 1.0.2 still. You also say you commented out some code to get it to install. What exactly was commented out? Maybe that is what is causing it to break.
    If its 1.0.2 , then installation on windows platforms is a known problem, as mentioned before. Some properties of the forum derive from the fact that it’s free 🙂
    Let’s all keep our cool and work towards a solution 🙂
    You could try the #wordpress IRC channel on for some live support, if you will, and it is of course expected that you search first, and then ask, and when you ask, you give all the details that you think can be helpful to someone trying to help you, and then some.
    I’d be more than happy to see your problem resolved, but we all need your help for that.

    One question that was asked that hasn’t been answered yet is if he’s running it via IIS (or the XP web service, what ever they call it nowadays) or off of an Apache running on Windows. I run a test site on a Win2K running Apache and only have problems with cookies, but that’s a local machine issue and does not reflect upon WP.
    Anon – two questions: 1) what are you using for the server? Apache or XPWebSvc? 2) What happens if you go straight to http://localhost/wp/wp-admin directly (punch it right into the address bar)?

    Also never answered my question as to what url was visible when he did get to the index page.
    BTW, I started my site developing on my local machine, WinXP, apache, and have continued to always edit locally before posting to my hosting provider. Hosting on desktop/XP is just fine with apache.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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