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  • Hi. I would love to use cformsII, but am not sure if it supports inbuilt Akismet spam protection from the mailers? Thanks.

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  • Akismet only filters spam comments. It won’t filter spam emails from contact form. Your email can do that.

    Akismet is not needed. With all the downloads so far I have yet to hear a voice that claims to have received unsolicited spam. Certainly, there is zero you can do against a human typing in nonsense, but Akismet wouldn’t catch those either.

    Here is a more detailed answer from the cforms forum:

    Here is what you can do to tighten security:

    1. Add a Question & Answer field
    2. Add a CAPTCHA image (with v7.2 you can design it)
    3. Add regular expressions for key fields
             1. e.g. a name field can only contain [A-Za-z .\-]*
             2. a phone number only numbers [0-9 \-\+]*
             3. etc.
    4. Create a "honey pot"
             1. Add an single line input field with a regexp that only validates if the field is left empty!
             2. Via CSS set the above field to not show!

    Please also visit the cforms forum »

    Thanks so much, this sounds great! I’m particularly in solution 4, the honey pot. Could you tell me how I can write that regexp? Thanks.

    this may be the simplest of all regexps: ^$

    or as an example for the field config string:
    honey pot||^$

    Two notes:
    Do not make this field ‘required’, since it should/must be accepted left empty.

    You might want to use CSS to hide this field by addressing it via its unique ID. This way it doesn’t interfere with your form layout, but spam robots will still ‘see’ it and likely insert something.

    Please also visit the cforms forum »

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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