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  • DerekSmalls


    Boss has asked me to determine if we would benefit from a more responsive design for
    It is not much trouble to do, but I am wondering if it is really necessary since it is mostly readable and usable on many devices without being responsive.

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  • silver530


    Hi, it has good typo for readability.



    I would say users are starting to expect sites that are responsive. Also, most find it annoying when you go to a site on a phone and have to zoom with your fingers to read the text, then you accidentally click on buttons… I would definitely do it. It’s a “shiny/pretty” upgrade and shows that you are using the latest technology when people are qualifying you.



    In my opinion every site will benefit from a responsive design. Like elizabethschorr said, it is very annoying if you have to zoom a lot to read the text. Think about how you would react yourself, when finding a site with zero readability. I know I would be gone faster than lightning.



    While it’s true that most sites will benefit from having a responsive site eventually. It can introduce a lot of headaches in maintenance – especially if you make site changes on a regular basis.

    The best way to determine if your site would benefit is to check your analytics. Do you have Google analytics installed? If so, you can see how many of your visitors come on mobile phones or tablets. Log into the Analytics dashboard and go to Audience > Mobile > Overview and scroll down to see the percentage of visitors using desktop, mobile and tablets.

    This will help you evaluate the ROI for the time it takes to convert and maintain and responsive website.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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