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  • It does not work for me either whit WordPress 3.6.1 . It is always the original email that is sent.

    I solved my problem by changing the name of the FTP directory.
    wp-content/plugins/welcome-email-editor/ -> wp-content/plugins/-welcome-email-editor/

    Thanks, but I am a newbie. What would changing the directory do? I guess the plug-in can’t access it anymore, but how do you than set the e-mail?

    It does not appear to be working in WP 3.6+. I sent the dev a message to see if an update is coming soon. Lets hope.

    I hope so too 🙂

    I went into the ftp directory and changed the name of the plugin file as below. I got an error message that said the plug file couldn’t be found. Then I changed it back to the correct name (without the – at the beginning). Then in WP-Admin I went to the Plugins and it said the plugin folder couldn’t be found and had been deactivated. I clicked to Activate it and it worked and no longer got the error message about it not being compatible. I created a new user and got the correct custom message.

    I know deactivating it and reactivating it doesn’t work cause I tried that. I don’t know why renaming it, not being able to find it, then changing the name back, activating it and getting an error and then reactivating it again fixed it. But that worked for me.

    Thanks, not sure I dare to try it 🙁



    @afinab you’re not going to break anything. That’s one of the beauty of WP plugins: they only work when they’re activated and their folder exists with the expected name.

    For me the solution also was: simply change the folder name from “welcome-email-editor” to “-welcome-email-editor” (adding “-” at the beginning) in the plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/-welcome-email-editor/).

    1. I got the mistake in the “Plugin”-area (wp-admin interface)
    2. Still activated the plugin (despite the mistake)
    3. New users got correct e-mails

    However, I DIDN’T rename the folder back to “welcome…” without “-“.

    Hope that helps someone.

    The solution provided by seb.cambrai and bouncy_13 worked for me.




    Anyone heard anything from the Dev? Would be nice to get a permanent fix.

    Nick Ciske


    This fix didn’t work for me in WP 3.7.1.



    The fix suggested by bouncy_13 worked perfect for my WP ver : 3.6

    This also did not work for me either in WP 3.7.1. this is a real shame due to the fact that this plug in would be perfect

    I have version 3.7.1 and the plugin is still working for me. Did you try what I did? Changing it and then changing it back to the correct name?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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